Landau back in Sunnydale…


Had the pleasure of catching up with “Buffy” favourite Juliet Landau – the only woman capable of doing a good Drusilla; has anyone else had to endure a bad impersonation!? – this morning. Seems Juliet – daughter of the fabulous Martin Landau, who my bud Doug Ellin has been using in “Entourage” of late – has been keeping quite busy since hanging up her fangs…

… not that she’s completely done with Sunnydale.

”I am in the midst of co-writing 2 issues of the Angel : After the Fall comic book about Drusilla”, says Landau, who played the bloodsucker on both “Buffy” and “Angel”. “They approached me. I then came up with the idea for the two issues and they loved it. I wrote it in script form and now Brian Lynch and I are co-writing it into comic book format”.

Aside from that, Landau’s also recently voiced a character in the animated “Green Lantern” film (”It was really fun! It was the same producer that I worked with on Justice League Unlimited and Ben 10″) and has a couple of film appearances on the way (”Material Lies” is in pre-production and “Yellow Wallpaper” is in post). In addition, she’s making her own films – accompanied on one by a fellow former coffin dodger, Gary ‘Dracula’ Oldman.

”I have been busy with all kinds of cool stuff in addition to the Hero music video. I directed the short documentary film, Take Flight about Gary Oldman. Gary is very excited about the film because it shows him in a way that he’s never been seen! The Official TAKE FLIGHT website is: We have had over 400 thousand hits to the site in just a few months.

“I am in pre- production for my short film, It’s Raining Cats and Cats. I have raised the funds from selling autographed merchandise on my Official site: I followed the same model as Amber Benson did to make her two features in this regard. From the advance screening of Take Flight we have had all these amazing people sign on for Cats. 4x Academy Award winning, Drac Studios, Todd Tucker (Dracula, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) is designing and doing all of the make- ups. I am co-directing and will play 7 different characters in the piece”.

You all know what a big fan of “Buffy” and “Angel” I am – hell, I named my daughter ‘Charisma’! – and want nothing but to see the ex-residents of the Hellmouth do well for themselves post-Whedon. Get on over to Juliet’s site and support, yo!