NeverEnding Story remake!


Not at all surprising, the beloved family classic “The NeverEnding Story” – still remember going to the cinema, with siblings in tow (they were all too short to see the screen so they had to have their seats perched up with pillows) to see it on it’s opening weekend; such a great movie – is headed for Remake avenue (the only other place, besides video-game movie lane, they say not to travel to after dark).

Warner Bros. and a pair of top-tier production companies are in the early stages of a reboot of the 1984 children’s fantasy classic. One of those companies is Kennedy/Marshall, according to Reuters.

Whilst I’m not exactly (and I guess neither are you?) jumping over the moon about this ‘new adventures of Bastian’ news, I will say that having Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy, producers of such family-friendly hits as “E.T” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” involved in the film is a sign it could work out quite good. They’re at least known for making good flicks – albeit one’s that sometimes feature woeful CGI sword-fights on top of moving vehicles (“Crystal Skull” – how you haunt me!).

The original “NeverEnding”, directed by Wolfgang Peterson, was actually based on a German-language kids’ book. It centers on a boy named Bastian Balthazar Bux who discovers a parallel world in a book titled “The NeverEnding Story.” As the boy, a loner, delves deeper into the book, he increasingly finds his life intertwined with the plot of the novel, in which a hero in the land of Fantasia must save the universe on behalf of an empress.

Now apparently Peterson’s film didn’t stick very closely to the source material which this new version will endeavour to do. Needless to say, no elements from the atrocious sequels “The NeverEnding Story II : The Next Chapter” and “The NeverEnding Story III” (yep, the one with Jack Black as the baddie!) will be used for the version.