Paul Rudd talks Howl


Okay, so you’ll recall that I’m developing a picture called Howl. Well, long story short – the film is no longer titled ”Howl”. It’s now ”First Howl” – and mainly because the new producers (as opposed to the old producers whose shingle went under just before production was due to start on the film late last year; welcome to the movie-game, Morris!) insisted it not be confused with the upcoming feature film adaptation of Allen Ginsberg’s ”Howl” starring James Franco.

“Hey, I don’t mind if people confuse the two films!” I yelped in a conference call just before Christmas – having Franco and Paul Rudd attached to my flick (no offense to my cast! Eric Stoltz, C.Thomas Howell, Stephen Tobolowsky, Kristina Anapau – all brilliant, all perfect for the parts in this!) is only going to help with those music clearance issues we’ve encountered! But still, I get it. I hate it that I’m going to have to pay extra for the added type on the Kinkos-printed call sheets, but I get it. And for what it’s worth, our flick’s coming up nicely…. And has jack-all to do with this other similarly-themed thing. I’m guessing there are more bare breasts in ours.

But I digress, Paul Rudd’s chatting to Roger Moore over at the Orlando Sentinel about “Howl”. He’s playing cultural critic and defense witness Luther Nichols. It’s a bit of a departure for the comic superstar.

“I’d only do a day or two on it, but I’m anxious to do it”, says Rudd. ‘’It’s a piece with a great cast and they’re doing it in this inventive way, with live action and animation. I believe in the subject matter, that censorship is evil. And the beat poets are a fascinating and very romantic part of our culture and our history. They were very specific to that moment in time, people engaged with their time and the traditional lines between what made an intellectual and what made, I guess, a free-thinker were really blurred.”

I’m excited to see the film – genuinely. Love Rudd. And can’t imagine anyone better than Franco playing Ginsberg. And hopefully those disappointed by the lack of, well, titties in it might come see our ‘Howl’, er, ‘First Howl’ a couple of months after.