Various News Items – 11/3/09


Sad, say day folks – The Power Rangers have been pink-slipped.

– The Power Rangers have been decommissioned. According to The New Zealand Herald, the long-running adventure series has been canceled.

– Autumn Reeser (“Lost Boys : The Tribe”) has joined the cast of director P.J Pesce’s “Smokin’ Aces : Blowback”, now shooting in Canada.

– John Ashton (“Beverly Hills Cop”) will return to the big screen in “Middle Men”, a new comedy starring Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi and James Caan. The film tells of the birth of the Internet Porn Industry.

– According to his management, Kerry Shale (“The Jacket”) has joined the cast of “Universal Soldier : A New Beginning” opposite Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren.

– Charisma Carpenter (“Veronica Mars”, “Buffy”) and Gisele Itié (“”Profeta, O”) have joined the cast of Sylvester Stallone’s “The Expendables”.

– Scott Grimes, Kevin Durand and Alan Doyle have been cast as ‘The Merry Men’ in director Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood”.

– Mick Molloy will star in “The Jesters”, a new sitcom for Movie Extra. The program is a satire about the day-to-day battles of a sketch comedy veteran turned producer. Molloy will star in the lead role of Dave Davies, alongside the likes of Deborah Kennedy and Susie Porter.

– The first photo from the set of the-movie-that-Mickey-Rourke-says-he’ll-probably-do-now is up at Coming Soon.

– As you may/may not have read today, John Cena (“12 Rounds”) tells Moviehole that he’d love to be a part of Robert Rodriguez’s “Predator” remake – but not necessarily play Schwarzenegger’s ‘Dutch’ role.

– Russell Brand tells Access Hollywood that he has been offered a role in “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” but won’t likely do it because he’s busy with “eight other things”.

– Spanish helmer Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has made a deal with MGM to develop a film based on director Roger Corman’s 1963 pic “X: The Man With the X-Ray Eyes,” a movie from the Lion’s library.

– According to Michael Ausiello, “Friday Night Lights” might be returning for another season – or is that two seasons!? There is a god!

– Warner Bros tells Moviehole that’s there’s “no truth to the Australian newspaper’s story that Christian Bale is going to be replaced by Sam Worthington as Batman”. Just as I thought…

– Alex Proyas tells MTV that there might be an opportunity to make a sequel to “Dark City”. If it happens, he’d have Rufus Sewell’s character be the villain this ’round.

– Lionsgate has announced the DVD release of (a film I’m the sales agent for) “Razortooth” starring Kathleen LaGue and Doug Swander. And here’s a tiny titbit for you : A kinda/sorta/potential sequel is in the works. have news on the forthcoming Blu-Ray releases of the first two seasons of “Lost”.

– The Pang Brothers will direct a 3D sequel to their horror classic “The Eye”. This one will be titled “The Child’s Eye”, according to Production Weekly.

– Christopher Showerman has joined the cast of the horror film “Wrong Way” co-starring Jason London, Elisa Donovan and Dee Wallace. Andy Lauer (remember Charlie from “Caroline in the City”?) directs the pic, the story of six friends who take a tour into a town that doesn’t exist anymore.

– Gary Daniels (“Tekken”),Matthias Hues (“The Rogue”) and Mark Lester (“Eyewitness”) will star in the medieval action pic, “1066”, for director Robin Jacob.

– “Twolander”. That’s what the sequel to Ben Stiller’s “Zoolander” may end up being called – not that it’s any closer to happening than it was two years ago.