More Priscilla for Elliot?


“Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” director Stephan Elliot, whose new film “Easy Virtue” has commenced nationwide, tells Blaze that there’s a chance he may direct a feature film version of the “Priscilla” musical. You can thank a near fatal Skiing accident on the French Alps, if it comes to fruition.

“I’m only just back on the bus, but of course there is [a chance]”, says the Australian filmmaker.

The stage show, which features Michael Caton (“Strange Bedfellows”) in Australia, and Jason Donovan in the UK, includes original lines from the movie, but also has additional lines such as references to Kylie (Minogue). Refreshingly, the stage production is its own entity compared to the film, and has its own additional surprises. It’s been compared to the “Footloose” stage show – which is essentially its own beast.

There was a stage that Elliot, whose other film credits include “Eye of the Beholder” and “Welcome to Woop Woop”, said he’d never return to Priscilla.

”Part of what the skiing accident taught me, was to get over myself. I’d spent my life trying to distance myself from Priscilla. No matter what I did, people would say “But it’s not Priscilla!” It was Richard O’Brien who sat me down and said, “It’s the same with me and Rocky Horror. But consider yourself lucky that you’ve got one of these.” So, after the accident, I finally let go of it and said “I’m never going to top it, but so what.”

Elliot’s headed to the UK next week to see the stage show.

Thanks to ‘James’