Exclusive : An Alias Smith and Jones movie?


Charley here,

Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston are in London promoting their doggy flick ‘Marley and Me’. When on London’s number one radio station, Capital FM with hosts Lisa Snowdon and Johnny Vaughn, the latter asked Wilson if there were any plans to do a ”Starsky” and Hutch” sequel to which Wilson replied; “Actually, we’re thinking of the Western, ‘Alias Smith and Jones’.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard Wilson, who recently signed on for the second “Meet the Parents” sequel, has been trying to get an “Alias Smith and Jones” flick up. Must be something to it. For the uninitiated, the hit ABC series told of a pair of outlaws who are offered amnesty by the governor if they will help to bring in a gang of desperadoes. However, they soon discover that there are more strings attached to the offer than they thought.

Wilson previously donned a cowboy hat and boots for the “Shanghai Noon” films co-starring Jackie Chan.