Eric Roberts to Howl


nullI’ve always loved Eric Roberts’ work. He was the bomb in “Runaway Train”, just as memorable in “The Pope of Greenwich Village” (with good pal Mickey Rourke), and funny as heck in “Rude Awakening” . He’s also a great villain – as poor as, say, “D.O.A”, “The Prophecy II” and “The Specialist” were, at least Roberts was watchable – and that’s become somewhat of a trademark persona. And if you’re a martial-arts fan, you must check out “Best of the Best” (and its sequel) – cheesy as hell, but bloody good fun. Roberts was the hero in it. Rare.

Julia’s bro has been on the verge of a comeback for a few years now. He had a small role in “The Dark Knight”, followed it up with a showy guest-stint on TV hit “Heroes”, and then did a bit in the Patrick Warburton-starring comedy “Rock Slyde”. Now, he’s been chosen to play opposite his old “Specialist” buddy Sylvester Stallone (and old friend, Rourke) in the all-star action spectacle “The Expendables”. Roberts is in Brazil as we speak filming his part – a part that’s bound to put him back on top.

So what’s next for the artist-formerly-known-as-The-Coca-Cola-Kid? Well, he’ll be a part of the amazing cast of “Howl”, the Allen Ginsberg biopic starring James Franco in the role of the controversial poet .Roberts is expected to play a pivotal character in the film, with filming commencing on his scenes as soon as he’s back from kicking butt in Brazil.

Roberts joins a cast that includes Paul Rudd, Alan Alda, David Straitharn, Mary Louise-Parker, Jon Prescott and Jeff Daniels. Good company to be in.