Robert Rodriguez talks upcoming pics


Robert Rodriguez was – not surprisingly, he lives about a quarter-mile down the road from the venue – at SXSW over the weekend and Cinema Blend had the opportunity to quiz the filmmaker about some of this upcoming projects.

Firstly, Rodriguez says “Sin City 2” is still on the way – just don’t go lining up for tickets just yet.

“I always say Sin City 2 right around the corner, because that’s what everybody wants to hear and I like pleasing the audience,” he said during an interview at SXSW. But he was a little more honest than he might have been previously: “It might be a long corner.”

“Machete”, on the other hand, Rodriguez’s planned “Grindhouse” spin-off flick starring Danny Trejo, is ready to go before the cameras.

” I’m not going to bullshit you guys. We are making Machete.” He added that the whole production is a lot further along than we think: “We’ve already got the script and we’re ready to go.”

And what’s this film “Nervecracker” he’s doing? Science-fiction, ya say?

““I used to say it was, it’s kind of like Blade Runner, but that was Blade Walker. This is Blade Runner.”

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