Exclusive : Sanderson on Deadwood telemovies


Actor William Sanderson, now playing Sheriff Bud on HBO hit “True Blood”, tells Moviehole he’d have loved to have seen those rumoured “Deadwood” telemovies come to fruition.

“E.B. was such a suck up. I loved being him”, Sanderson says of his character, Eustace Baily Farnum, owner of the Grand Central Hotel. “And, yes, like the rest of the Deadwood cast, I did want to do the talked about movies – not only for myself…ourselves….it would have been nice to wrap up the story for the fans of Deadwood”.

Sanderson says all he could’ve hoped for from a fourth season of “Deadwood” – had it happened – was for his character “to survive the whole season” and then, “next, maybe to have had E.B. move on to Governor”.

The actor, also known for his role in the classic Ridley Scott flick “Blade Runner”, says he doesn’t see his fellow cast members much.

“I have run into a few at different social functions or just being out and about Los Angeles. I occasionally email and chat on the phone with Ian McShane. Oh, and have chatted several times with W. Earl Brown – we shop at the same grocery and get our coffee at the same place”.