Lost Boys 3 on the way!


Not surprisingly, considering how much coin the last one bought in (Director P.J Pesce received a bottle of champas in the mail from the studio – says it all!), Warner Premiere have greased the wheels on a second sequel to “The Lost Boys”.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Evan Charnov (”Fearless”) has been hired to write the new film. Corey Feldman, who will also executive produce, returns as Surfboard-Shaper and Vampire-Hunter Edgar Frog.

And I’ve a bit of an exclusive titbit to add to this news (guess it’s safe to spill the beans now without anyone losing their door plaque) : This will be the ‘Official Return of the Frog Brothers’! Yep, Jamison Newlander will be rejoining Feldman for this new jaunt. The Garlic-carrying duo of Joel Schumacher’s original masterpiece (yes, you heard me – masterpiece!) will finally get the chance to play tag with some coffin dodgers again.

‘Fangs’ to Brad.