Leonardo DiCaprio sews up Button


nullSeeing all the good it did for his pal Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio has sewn up his own “Button” project.

The actor/producer (seems to option about twenty projects a month at the moment; Should be a self-help line for such folks) will star in the feature film adaptation of a comic I’ve never heard of (doesn’t mean much) called “Button Man”, according to Production Weekly (via Cinema Blend).

Apparently the comic has nothing to do with tailoring – but more so killers who fight, well, killers. Created by 2000AD (the crew that do “Judge Dredd”), it tells of Harry Exton, ex-mercenary/”Button Man”, a hired killer pitted against other killers in an underground sport. Each works for a mysterious “Voice”, a rich man of unknown identity. The object of the game is to kill your opponent, or capture him and take his marker – the first two joints of a finger. Button Men who lose three fingers are shot anyway. The “voices” profit from the game by gambling on the outcome, and a ruthless killer like Harry Exton can make a modestly wealthy man extremely rich. Exton decides to quit, only to discover that leaving the Button Man game isn’t so easy.

Sounds pretty good.

The Dreamworks’ project will be penned by Hilary Seitz.