Exclusive : What’s up with Footloose?


You’ll recall Zac Efron left Paramount’s “Footloose” reboot last week (I find it hard to believe he left on his own accord though – when I spoke to him about ten days ago he was still very gung-ho about the possibility of giving it to the Preacher man and bopping with his daughter) leaving a bit of a dark cloud hanging over the project. Well, the sunshine’s about to burst through the rainbag – with Paramount on the hunt for a new star. And pronto.

As some know, I represent a few actors, and like every other talent rep, wake every morning to a mass of casting call notifications and, if it’s a good day, an offer for a client. This morning I received word that Paramount are looking to fill Efron’s place in “Footloose” – which Kenny Orega is still attached to direct – as soon as possible., and they don’t necessarily won’t a name. We’re told the studio is actually fairly keen on finding an unknown – someone not unlike the novice young actor they chose to star in the original, a then-unknown Kevin Bacon. Producer Dylan Sellers will be checking out dance-capable teenagers over the next few weeks.

I actually think is a better-way to go. Nothing against Efron – In fact, he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve met, and I can see his appeal – but the joy of the original ‘’Footloose’’ was watching someone who wasn’t necessarily a great dancer, break free, and shake it in his own singular way. Granted, the remake is said to be based more on the stage play (so the main actors will be  breaking into song) than the 1984 movie, so it goes without saying the actor chosen will have to have some kind of ability to wiggle, but still, there’s potential here to cast a sod who likes like he couldn’t do the sneaker shuffle and surprise people when he does.

According to the casting office, the new film will lens at the Paramount studios in Los Angeles. They’re aiming to have it out in cans next Summer.

* Trivia : “Footloose” was the first video cassette I ever owned.  And yes folks, it was on BETA.