Rogen in talks for Galactica film?


When a “Battlestar Galactica” feature film was announced a few weeks back, there was much confusion among the fan community. Would it be a follow-up to the SyFy series? Would the Cylons be skinjobs or toasters in it? And will the second-in-charge still get to mate with a leggy model onboard the ship?

Glen A. Larson, creator of the original series (Yeah, the one in which Starbuck was a bloke) and both writer and producer of the new film, tells that the feature will be its own beast – besides the central premise, there will be no link to Ronald D.Moore’s recent reboot.

“We’re going back to basics”, says Larson. “It’s a good old-fashioned space adventure. It’s the story of a group of folks on a space ship that keep running into evil robots. It’s our love letter to the original series. There won’t be anyone getting around uttering ‘Frak’ or stealing husbands. It’s a family film”.

According to TV legend Glen Larson, the character of Count Baltar will be back.

“He’s a must. He’s been in every incarnation of the show. Unlike Moore, I don’t agree that Baltar is a redeemable character. He’s pure evil. He wants power and knows how to get it. He betrays his people – and will pay the ultimate price. The Count will play a pivotal role in our film”.

Larson has already spoken to one actor about possibly playing the part of Baltar – and if the scheduling works out, he’s who you’ll be seeing squatting on the Count’s throne.

“This actor is doing a film version of The Green Hornet in June, and we’re hoping to start shortly after, so it’s hard to say whether our timetables aren’t going to clash. But [Seth] is very excited about the prospect of playing the character. He’s a big fan of the original series, and in his words, has ‘dreamed of playing a mustache-twirler’ for years. Hopefully it’ll work out- I think he’ll be great; be good to see another side of him”.

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