Kardashian, Spider-Man villain?


We know Sony’s greased the wheels on a “Spider-Man 4”.They even have a release date. But who will be the Spidey villains this time ’round? And has the studio set their sights on any actor’s yet for those roles?

Director Sam Raimi told Philadelphia’s SNOG69.9 FM that although he’s yet to decide “which one we’ll be using – or whether we’re going to be using more than one”,he would like to see Coldheart in the film series.

“Possibly in this movie – or maybe one further down the line. All I know is she’s a great character. She’s the Catwoman of the Spider-Man Universe”.

Kateri Deseronto was once a government agent with the codename Coldheart. She has the a bulletproof costume and with two swords, one to paralyze and the other to freeze objects. She is proficient in martial arts and sword fighting. After her son’s death during a battle between the Hobgoblin and Spider-Man, she was deemed mentally unfit for field duty. Her clearance was revoked and she was forcibly retired.

“I don’t think you always have to go for a big name”, Raimi told the station when questioned about who he’ll cast in the role. “I actually like Kim Kardashian. She’s got a perfect look. I think someone like that could do wonders with the part. You’d believe her as both Kateri and Coldheart. But again, we don’t even know whether we’re going to use the character this time ‘around – we’re still deciding all that. Kim’s great though”.

You can hear the interview here