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Thanks to Universal Pictures, Moviehole has 10 double in-season passes to see “Fast and Furious“. Those same ten lucky devils will also win an oil-and-grease free “Fast and Furious” T-Shirt.

Canon-armed Vin Diesel returns to the franchise that made him a marquee name, alongside original sidekick Paul Walker, for the insipidly titled “Fast and Furious” – and yes, you’ll notice it’s a much smoother ride from the moment director Justin Lin (“Tokyo Drift”) lifts the park brake.

It’s been five years since car-loving FBI agent Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker), then working undercover as a speed racer to thwart a hijacking ring, let the gang’s Teddy Bear-esque boss, Dominic Torreto (Vin Diesel), drive off into the sunset, ultimately helping him skirt jail time. In the years between, (If you saw “2 Fast 2 Furious” you’ll know what O’Conner’s been up to, so no explanation needed there) Torreto and feisty girlfriend ‘Letty’ (Michelle Rodriguez) have been somewhere in the Dominican Republic using their driving-skills to jack precious loads from trucks. Our film opens with the reckless duo about to free a truck of its cargo – but running into a spot of trouble.

From here, Dominic crosses paths with his old frenemy, Brian- and together they set off together after the bad dudes.

TO WIN : Fill out your details below and tell us which of Paul Walker’s co-stars from “Joyride” (or “Roadkill” as it was known in Australia) also starred in the first “Fast and the Furious”?