Exclusive : Dano on Wild Things

Exclusive : Dano on Wild Things

Ashley here,

I got on the blower with the lovely Paul Dano (“There Will be Blood”) this week to discuss his gorgeous new flick “Gigantic” and not unexpectedly, since it’s one of the biggest flicks of his blossoming career, the topic of the reportedly-troubled “Where the Wild Things Are” came up.

As you’ll have read, Warner’s film adaptation of the popular children’s novel was forced to undergo extensive reshoots sometime last June – and not just a few days of pick-ups, but a full 25-days worth of shooting. It was also reported that a new writer had joined the production to clean up the script.

Dano, who voices the character of ‘Alexander’ in the pic, has heard the rumours about the film’s woes but isn’t buying into any of them. He believes director Spike Jonze has the next big thing on his hands.

“The movie’s going to be great”, he says of the CGI film that also features the voices of Catherine Kenner, James Gandolfini and Forest Whitaker. “I’m really excited about it. It looks like it could be really magical.

“Just to work with [Director] Spike Jonze was amazing. And it was great to work with all the other actors – we all acted it out on a sound stage together, so it was like doing an actual movie. We spent three weeks together, playing around, improvising, and… it was great fun. It’s a different type of film, but it felt like a pretty normal experience for me.”.

It’s rumoured that Warner Bros aren’t exactly happy with the job Jonze has done on the film. Dano doesn’t know how anyone could be disappointed with music-video director cum feature filmmaker – he says he’s one of the best director’s he’s worked with.

“Spike was a wonderful director”.

As far as he knows, the studio is right behind the project.

“It’s a big film, and they’ll try and give it to a big release”, the talented young actor speculates.

Dano was also kind enough to spill the beans on a couple of his other future projects.

“I also have a very small part in Taking Woodstock”, he says of Ang Lee comedy. ”Then there’s The Good Heart, which is from a guy named Dagur Kári – who is an Icelandic filmmaker; he made a movie called Noi the Albino. It’s Brian Cox and I. It’s a beautiful, strange, funny little film. What I’ve seen of it is good. They’re just in the editing process right now, so I’m not sure when that’s coming out.

Currently, Dano’s filming a buddy comedy, “The Extra Man”, about “a young man and an old eccentric playwright. It’s a little bit of a two-hander buddy film”.

“It’s from the filmmakers that made American Splendour, Shari Berman and Anthony Anthony Bregman. And it’s me, Kevin Kline, John C.Reilly, and Katie Holmes; I was very lucky to work with all of these guys, and I got along well with all of them. Kevin Kline was especially just so much fun to work with – he’s so funny and so great in this part, this part is just perfect for him. It’s pretty much just me and him for the whole movie, and I think we’ve got good chemistry.”

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