Superman Returns… as Bizzaro!?


The next Superman movie might not feature Brandon Routh in the red underoos after all. And it’s doubtful Bryan Singer will want anything to do with it.

Let me explain. Writer Robert Gordon (“Galaxy Quest”) has a spec script called “Bizzaro Superman” sitting atop (a large pile – I’m guessing) of scripts at Warner. It’s an adventure/comedy that takes the piss out of Superman’s wacky alter-ego – a character those familiar with “Superman III” and TVs “Smallville” would be familiar with, if they aren’t already familiar with him from the comics. In short, Bizzaro is the anti-Superman…. He’s like The Man of Steel on ecstasy, and we all know how fucked up our actions, and thoughts, can be when we’re under the influence, right?

Now while the libretto hasn’t been picked up by Warner – apparently Gordon only wrote it for fun; though some execs are said to be enjoying the heck out of it – Latino Review think it’s script is worthy enough for a review.

In their review of the script, Latino describes the character as having features that are “dramatically incorrect and insanely opposite of what he means. He believes himself to be Superman and possesses distorted versions of his memories. And he’s angry… he goes after Superman, who he sees as an impostor and a threat. An epic battle ensues between Superman and Bizzaro which spans the entire Galaxy.”

We then flash-forward ten years into the future. General Zod is in search of Bizzaro’s body – seemingly destroyed by Superman some time ago. “Zod needs Bizzaro in order to recover their last powers. Retrieving him from his watery grave, Bizzaro is set loose to wreck havoc on the world.”

The site describes the story as somewhat of a Frankenstein movie, with Bizzaro as the monster. “He’s not evil. His intentions are usually good. He doesn’t know his own strength and ends up destroying things and hurting people. The leaders of the world come to see Bizzaro as a threat that must be stopped.”

The hero of the piece? Sounds like Bizzaro gets the crown.

The site says it’s a fun script, and even refreshing after the seriousness of “Superman Returns”, but “It kinda feels like a Saturday morning cartoon – there’s even a cameo by Krypto, Superman’s cape-wearing dog”.

Who knows, maybe Alan Horn has a thing for dog’s that wear clothes. Most in Hollywood do.

Click here to check out the full script review.