Exclusive : Daniels boards The Expendables


My old friend Gary Daniels tells me he’s roasting like a marshmallow over a fire over there in Brazil, where he’s filming a role in Sylvester Stallone’s all-star CytoSport Muscle Milk advertisement “The Expendables”.

Yep, that’s right, another action-movie star is onboard. Can the cast of this thing be any fatter!?

Daniels, soon to be seen as Bryan Fury in the film adaptation of “Tekken” (left), has spent the last couple of weeks in República Federativa do Brasil, working alongside Stallone, Jason Statham and Eric Roberts. The Brit plays one of the villains – someone who ultimately comes to blows with Statham and Jet Li’s characters, which should make for an explosive mêlée!

Daniels has been plugging away for years. He’s well known in the Philippines, where he worked alongside Jackie Chan and Richard Norton, but in the states, is yet to crack the big one (not to say he hasn’t had plenty of work – he’s appeared in a bunch of direct-to-dvd actioners including “Epicenter”, “Retrograde” and “Submerged” with Steven Seagal). This could be it! If it is, I couldn’t be happier for Gaz. Have known him for years, and seen his potential way before our friendship.

Daniels will also be joining the rest of the cast for the New Orleans part of the shoot.