Zac Efron wants to be Marty McFly


Sounds like tabloid fluff, but ‘tis the season of the fluffiest critter of all, The Easter Bunny, so let’s run this rather preposterous bit of groundless gossip…

According to Teen Hollywood, Zac Efron, the newly departed star of the “Footloose” remake (he tells Entertainment Tonight, “I’m sure Footloose would have been a huge challenge, but the actors that I love and the actors that work really hard in this industry are always shaking things up, trying new genres, acquiring new skill sets. That’s what’s always going to appeal to me: the unknown.”) may want to fuck with another classic instead.

The 21-year-old star of the kinda-sorta-time-traveling film “17 Again” ‘reportedly said’ he’d like to play Marty McFly in a fourth “Back to the Future” film.

Funnily enough, the site’s the one suggesting he wants to star in a third sequel to the 1985 hit, all that Efron says is “Growing up, my favourite thing to do was to climb into the car and play Back To the Future. I would pretend I was Marty McFly.”

If Efron did say something to the tune of “Yeah bro, put me in Back to the Future 4 – I’ll dance on the Clock Tower!” – and I hope he didn’t; surely he’s got enough smarts to know not to touch ‘’Back to the Future’’?! – and I really hope he didn’t, we could all be in trouble. Like, ‘diseased fat woman on skinny shy guy’ trouble.

I doubt Efron came out and said “I wanna do Back to the Future 4” – but deep down, he could be thinking it.


Check out this….

The guy owns a MFing Delorean! Now what the hell would you spend your coin on such a car these days if you’re not a huge fan of the “Back to the Future” series!?

Just by running this bit I’m a little scared someone from Universal’s going to pop a light bulb and develop such a thing. And with Efron being the ‘it boy’ of the moment, wouldn’t surprise me at all if he was cast in the role made famous by Michael J.Fox. Execs seem to be that stupid at the moment.

But would the film be a continuation of Robert Zemeckis’s original trilogy? Or would it be a complete reboot? With Hollywood’s woody for remaking everything at the moment, wouldn’t at all be surprised if the idea of a remake has already been floated. And when it does, you’ll hear me scream, thump something (or someone), and turn Huey Lewis up to ‘11’ just to block it all out. Fuck, let it all be the writer’s fantasy…

Thankfully, none of those involved in the original “Back to the Future” trilogy have any plans to do a fourth film. As far as the cast and crew are concerned, the series ended when Doc Brown and his beloved Clara blasted off in their time-travelling loco…