Moviehole Mailbag – 14/4/09


Lots of mail about the whole “Wolverine” download fiasco this week. Some say it’s not on, others say they’re going through blank discs pretty quick.

Question: First off I want to say I love your site. I get all of my movie news from you guys. I have a question regarding “The Expendables”. Is Stallone still going to cast the role of Agent Will Sands? I know Forest Whitaker was originally supposed to play the character and that Terry Crews has replaced him. However, I’ve read that Crews is playing Hale Caesar. Is that character replacing the Will Sands character? If not do you have any scoop on who Stallone is looking at to fill that role? Any news would be great. I’m really looking forward to this movie. Thanks again and keep up the great work. – Jonathan Henry
Caffeinated Clint: John Henry? Aren’t you the rigid android over on “The Sarah Connor Chronicles”? Well, my robotic friend, quite honestly, I’m a bit befuddled by the constant character and cast switcheroo’s over on the protein shake commercial that is “The Expendables” as you. And like you, thought Whitaker was originally going to be playing Sands, the good-guy agent. I do know that Hale Caesar is a good guy – one of Sly’s guys – and that’s who Crews is apparently playing, depending on the source (IMDB says Crews is playing Sands and Randy Couture is playing Hale Caesar). Maybe Sly doesn’t know even who’s playing who in the thing? Probably won’t matter too much – the only characters we really care about are G4, steroids and bulging-biceps, right?

Question: You think you smart, disrespectful. My mother and I both agree you should not be so mean and to that I mean to movies as well- – Dan
Caffeinated Clint:Get off ya mother chunky, you’re going to break her fuckin’ ribs!

Question: hey clint holden any way underworld 3 rise of the lycans became the coolest sequel of 2009 and i can’t wait to see kate beckinsale return in underworld 4 and 5 and thats what makes a really vampire story of all time and len wiseman will return to direcit any way later clint and those sequels rule forever maybe 6- – Holden
Caffeinated Clint: Hey Sony, feel free to quote Holden on the DVD sleeve for “Underworld Evolution”… “The coolest sequel of 2009”. Just don’t use our website as the reference please. I hear forever is even longer than, er, 6, but my info comes from the IMDB so again, could be wrong…

Question: hey clint whats going on with the catwoman sequel i heard that halley berry is going to return in the sequel the first one i seen 2004 it was good but i hope returns in the sequel because what makes a good comic sequel to the movie later clint holden
Caffeinated Clint: You haven’t heard? Tim Burton set to direct a $200 million “Catwoman” sequel for Warner Bros. Halle Berry currently in training – using a litter box in the lead up to the July 1 start date. Negotiations underway with Benjamin Bratt to reprise his role as… whatever the heck triple-nipple played in the first piece of shit.

Question: hey clint holden any way if fast and furious 5 does happen and the hole gang returns in it thats what makes a really good sequel maybe they will do fast and furious 6 and that would be the last chapter in it any way later clint that what makes a good sequel – – Holden
Caffeinated Clint: You think as far ahead as Universal. Maybe you should apply for a job there?

Question: I liked your article on Piracy. Really went written and hit the point. I personally don’t download. I wanted to let you know just over the past year how many people I know who now download. Only the hardcore IT guys were doing it three years ago. So many people are doing it now. I think this is like the war on drugs. The customer obviously wants to download films. If someone wants to watch a movie like AVATAR on a seventeen inch screen in a creaky chair. Good luck to them. Yet I’ve already seen one of favourite artforms gutted by out of touch execs who clung to outdated business models. I just don’t want movies going the same way and with internet speeds getting faster and faster. The execs better see the future and quick.- –
Caffeinated Clint: You have a 17-inch screen? Cool! In all seriousness, most of us reading – aside from the one who has the Nero Express window open at the same time as the Firefox Browser – agree with you, downloading shitty films is wrong, but at the same time, it’s not going to stop any time soon so the studios better start buying up all the torrent sites so they can at least get a share of the action. From what I’ve heard, that’s indeed already starting to happen.

Question: Re : “Wolverine”. Bloody brilliant my friend. It is amazing how many people on the web justify their actions yet never stop to think about what they are really doing. They think FOX could lose the money and be o.k. – yeah the big boys in the studio are but the small people who make the biggest dent are the ones handed pink slips. I would like to find out what their jobs are and explain it to them in those terms – ex. pulling the wool over a lawyers eyes and getting free legal advice and he doesn’t realize what happened until its too late. – Michael
Caffeinated Clint: Yep, as I’ve told others, if you want to ‘burn’, have sex with Paris Hilton.

Question: Hi Clint, I go to your site all the time for movie news and I really enjoy your site. I have been reading it since college so probably about 4 years. Anyway, I really didn’t like the thing about the Wolverine leak. I agree with you on many aspects, but I do feel as if it is becoming difficult for people to go to the movies with the economy and rising ticket prices. I don’t think people downloading this is necessarily a bad thing. It’s almost like a protest. I also think if a movie is good people will pay to see it. I saw a bootleg of the Wrestler and liked it so I went to see it. Most people I feel are like this. You also say that it is killing the franchise. Did you see the third film? We should be owed a free movie anyway. If the movie does poor at the box office it’s easy to say it was because of the leak instead of the truth, which is the last film was absolute rubbish and people might not want to gamble money away.Have a good one – Anthony
Caffeinated Clint: You do make a good point – the cinema is very expensive, and when a film is available online for nothing, it’s hard to resist. But think about it this way, you’re going to enjoy it so much more if you see it on the big screen. For one, the heads of the Asian guys sitting in the front row don’t actually appear in the theatrical versions of most movies you find online!

Question: Hey Cool Clint, Just a quick note to tell ya again that you do a great job on the site. From the really cool story about your love for old Touchstone Films (that I completely agree with) to the hilarious April Fools (Yes, you got me on the Three Men and a Baby Remake Hoax). Always enjoy your site. Very good job. – Scott
Caffeinated Clint: The nice that sounds like gas being poured into a flat balloon? That’s my head swelling.

Question: Really enjoyed the “Where does he get off” piece. Very informative. It’s great to hear about the great interviews and interviewees. – Cary
Caffeinated Clint: Hey Mr Elwes, glad you enjoyed it. Loved you in “The Princess Bride”.

Question: Hello, I am not sure who to send my suggestion to so maybe you can help and get this info to the right people if you think it would be good. This is about the new FOOTLOOSE Movie. A classic when I was growing up. Since Zach Efron has left I have a suggestion on an actor that I think would be great. he has sevral movies to his credit. The one I like him in was Coyote Ugly and I know he can sing because he is doing musical theater in London I believe right now. his name is Adam Garcia. I have a suggestion who would be good for the Preachers daughter roll. I do not know if she musical talent but she is an upcoming mega star I believe. Emma Roberts. Julia Roberts niece. Thanks for your time. I wanted to try get this info to the casting department for the movie for what it is worth. Have a great day! Give me a return email of what you think. – Doug Tillett
Caffeinated Clint: I also have a suggestion for the makers of “Footloose” – leave it the fuck alone!

Question: nice one guys…..april fools! a love the johnny depp one! for a few minutes a was convinced that it was true until a clicked into the link! very funny! the seth rogen one, a thought was a bit weird….a mean a love him as an actor but a thought it was weird that he would be in the galactica movie! well done guys….looking forward them next year!- – Jordan
Caffeinated Clint
: Hey Jordan. Yeah, I know, Rogen would never play Baltar in a “Galactica” movie – he’s more a ‘Chief’, don’t ya think!? Enjoy the spotted dick over there, and keep reading!

Question: hey clint i heard about the new mad max 4 why are they makeing it into cartoon i was hopeing it would be a live action movie i guess cartoon of mad max won’t be so bad but thats the way they do things now not like the 70s old fashion car movies no more lets hope it turns out really good later – holden
Caffeinated Clint
: Aren’t you in bed yet!?

Question: hey clint holden i think warner bors should reboot the dukes of hazzard trilogy and make more like family and good clean fun for everybody to watch the tv show was 20 years why can they do now because they want crap in now but my vote in i think reboot the dukes of hazzard trilogy and make good clean fun later clint what do you thin of thatu- Holden
Caffeinated Clint
: Warner Bors, ya say? If the studio did indeed reboot “Dukes”, I’d say they should take on that new name.

Question: What’s this “Complacent” movie you’ve produced? – Dave
Caffeinated Clint
: Let’s just say, you have to have I.D to hire it. And have a bucket on stand-by. Look out for me as the leather-clad bartender!

Question: I love it that you worked with Andie from “The Goonies” on a movie. Good choice! – Dee
Caffeinated Clint
: Bit of trivia, Sloth was originally cast in the role of the distraught, unhappily married sister but ate one too many chocolate bars a week out from production.

Question: Who else is going to cameo in “American Pie : Book of Love” – Dean
Caffeinated Clint
: Besides Tara Reid? Well, can’t be sure but I’ve heard everyone from Sherman Helmsley to Wayne Newton and Gary Coleman. There was a point that George of the Jungle himself, Chris Showerman was going to be in it (which would’ve been super ace for his broke manager!) but I think Carrot Top had the bigger set of pecs and got the role over him. But let’s see Carrot Top ride an Elephant! And let’s see him even attempt to smooch Darla from ‘Angel’!

Question: Hey Clint, don’t worry, nobody here plans on doing a fourth “Back to the Future” with Zac Efron. Keep up the good work! – David/Uni
Caffeinated Clint
: I love Universal! How about a “Serenity” sequel? Please? Hello? Hello!? Dave?