Scott on Piranha 3-D

Our buddy Adam Scott (“Knocked Up”, “The Aviator”, TVs “Party Down”) was recently announced as the male lead in director Alex Aja’s fishy “Piranha” reboot.

The film, starring Elisabeth Shue, is set in Lake Havasu, Arizona, where a tremor causes the lake’s floor to open, setting free scores of prehistoric piranhas. It’s up to Shue’s character, the local Sheriff, and her teenage son, to essentially – not to sound too ‘Mighty Mouse’ – save the day.

Scott, currently hamming it up as Henry Pollard on Starz’ “Party Down”, will play Novak, a diver for the US Geological Service who helps discover the piranha outbreak.

Scott tells us “[Piranha 3-D] should be fun, I love the original and the pedigree involved,  [Joe] Dante, John Sayles. Alex is an amazing director and a such a cool guy, really looking forward to it”.

Congratulations again bud!

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