Exclusive : Jenna Jameson talks new movie!


Fans of Jenna Jameson, who of course, you’ll know from “Zombie Strippers”  (and that’s all… right?… um, you might want to answer that question when your folks aren’t around, kids) may need a slobber rag. We’ve got something – or rather someone – pretty saucy to show you.

The porno-star cum ‘serious’ actress (aside from “Strippers” with Robert ‘Freddy’ Englund, she was set to star in a horror movie called “Sin Jin-Smyth”, but that was never completed – so in essence, this is only Jenna’s second non-horizontal jogging feature) appears in a new film, and we’ve got your first look.

Titled “How to Make Love To a Woman” (Helllllo!), the Scott Culver-directed pic tells of a career man (Josh Meyers, “Mad TV”) who can’t bring his girlfriend (played by Krysten Ritter, “Breaking Bad”), to orgasm. The film co-stars Ian Somerhalder (“Lost”), Eugene Byrd (“Bones”) and James Kyson Lee (“Heroes”). But no, none of them evoke glue like Ms Jenna, do they!?

No tea-bagging in the clip, so it’s safe to load it up at work!

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