Producer talks Condition Dead 3-D


So I see that, over the weekend, Bloody Disgusting announced that Neo Art & Logic, a rather high-profile prod company best known for their ‘bloody’ hits “Pulse” and “”, and run by genre vet Joel Soisson, has snapped up the new ‘Zombie epic’ “Condition Dead 3D” which Patrick Lussier (“My Bloody Valentine 3D”) is onboard to direct. It’ll be director Lussier’s second foray into the third-dimension following his remake of the classic (actually, I wouldn’t go that far – I always saw it as “Porky’s with Pigblood’) Canadian horror picture. “CD” is also being likened to James Cameron’s timeless “Aliens” – which I assume means it’s more of an action movie and less of a horror movie; which is probably good considering all the horror projects, featuring the undead, coming out.

And if that ain’t interesting enough… our very own Clint Morris is producing alongside Soisson! I obviously don’t pay enough attention to Clint’s IMDB listing, because this one totally passed me by! I knew of Clint’s involvement in such films as “Complacent” and “Between the Sand and the Sky”, but this thing I’d never heard much about… and I wanna know why!? I want answers, dammit! At least now I know why the guy has been so damn busy this year, and why he’s been taking longer than usual to answer my emails. I, of course, dropped him an email when I read that he was producing “CD 3D” asking whether I could audition for a ‘Junkie Zombie’ and followed that one up with another featuring a bunch of fanboy questions that he felt obligated to answer…

This one has kinda come out of the blue hasn’t it?

Clint : No, not at all. Where have you been hiding Osama!? Granted, things did go quiet on “Condition Dead” for a while – but it’s back up now thanks to the ‘geniuses’ at Neo Art & Logic. As for mentioning it on my own website, that’d be a bigger wank than the guy-in-the-grey-overcoat’s known for at the Sex House – just not the done thing champ. But since you’re asking..

Who wrote it?

Dave Davis. A darn fine screenwriter and a “high-living playboy who is like Kurt Russell circa mid-80’s albeit without the mullet.” (according to Garth Franklin). It’s a sensational script – no dead spots; nothing stale in it.

How do you know him?

Known each other for a few years now – we both work in the same industry; the rodeo circuit.

Why 3-D?

Did you not see “My Bloody Valentine”?! Did those nifty effects not bring something ‘extra’ to proceedings!? And let’s face it, Patrick’s the go-to man for 3-D movies now – – not, contrary to what you may have read elsewhere, Rachel Talalay.

Thing is, 3-D doesn’t work on DVD – Journey to the Centre of the Earth didn’t work on 3-D DVD

Journey to the Center of the Earth didn’t work in 2-D, dude!

Any Cast on board?

There have been talks about a couple of people, but can’t say anything until the ink is dry. I think you’ll be happy with who we’re looking at though. Good genre names. 

Is Chris [Showerman, your producing partner] involved?

He will be involved, Yes. Just not in a producing capacity. He’s perfecting how to make the perfect scone as we speak. Chris is got his hands full at the moment, starring in a remake of “The Land that Time Forgot” and plugging umpteen films (“Commander and Chief”, “Parfection”, “A Night at the Silent Movie Theater”), so we’ve yet to sit down and discuss. We’re currently working on a new project together though – should have more on that soon.

Why does B-D say it’s action and not horror?

Because, for the most part, it is. There’s a lot of horror, but like “Aliens”, it’s full-throttle action for the most part. Just as you’re wiping your brow from being pulled through the wringer on a big sweaty action sequence, we will scare the shit out of you!  I guess the “Aliens” comparison is also applicable because of the central core of characters – a band of government-subsidized undead hunters heading into unknown territory. 

Why Joel Soisson?

Because “Phantoms is the bomb!”. No, in all seriousness, Phantoms is the bomb.

What’s the latest on “Complacent” – that looks OK

‘OK’? Fuck, thanks for the vote of confidence. Ha. Out to distributors as we speak. Turned out very well. Love the picture myself. Great performances.

Is “Condition Dead” going to be a franchise?

One could only hope. That is the plan. I can tell you that there is a comic-book on the way to your store though – and it’s ace. I’m sure there will be a few follow-up comics…

Who do you want to hear from? Actors? SFX guys? Prop Masters? Horse Wrangers?

Honestly? Nobody at the moment. We’ve got enough to do without having to sift through a pile of pictures of guys on pony’s. When the time comes, the appropriate department will take care of all that.

When will it be out?

It’s only now coming together… I have no idea. But we are going to treat “Jurassic Park 4” to the box office – think that’s do-able?  I have a couple of other features  – also a doco – due out before then.

Are you shooting it downunder?

No. Likely Caprica – aka Vancouver.  Some beautiful locations there…. didn’t you see “Twilight”?!

Congrats on the new digs in L.A btw! Saw that on Facebook..

Thanks. We open in Mid May. Probably going over. Right next to Disney – so Miley Cyrus will likely be over chocolate milkshakes quite regularly.

What did you think of “Wolverine”?

Didn’t get to the screening. Was too busy today. Hear it was,um, OK though.