Clint’s Bits – May 5, 2009


Afternoon folks. Anyone else confused-as-heck by this fuckin’ Swine Flu!? I mean, I know what it is – and I know that transsexual bit of Bacon ‘Wilbur’ caused it – but what I don’t know is whether-or-not I can freely walk down the main street of Melbourne without a face-mask on yet. One minute we’re told ‘it’s as good as done’, the next minute we’re told it’s ‘ not over’.  You know what, I’m starting to get the feeling Fox-TV is behind the thing.

– Christopher Nolan has rerecruited his “Batman Begins” star Ken Watanabe for “Inception” (which,  by the way, is one of the most sought-after scripts around; don’t know anyone that’s read it), according to The Hollywood Reporter. Tom Hardy (“Star Trek : Nemesis”) has also jumped aboard. The story, which Nolan wrote, is a contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind, with Leonardo DiCaprio as a CEO type. Watanabe will play the film’s villain, a man who is blackmailing DiCaprio. Hardy is a member of DiCaprio’s team. The duo join a cast that includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard.

– Andy and Barbara Muschietti are writing “Mama”, a new horror project that Guillermo Del Toro will produce. The flick, based on a short by the Muschietti’s, is said to be about “two girls, Victoria and Lily, who are on the run from a ghostly woman who appears to be their mother in a Gothic home not”. Much more on this at The Hollywood Reporter’s Risky Business Column.

– Shooting began today in Chicago on the “Nightmare on Elm Street” remake (speaking of, Warner asked for Weeksy’s script review to be yanked, that’s why you can’t find anymore), according to Bloody Disgusting. Meanwhile, Robert Englund has been seen in a bar; quite inebriated.

– TV faves Wilmer Valderrama (“That 70s Show”) and Jason Ritter (“Joan of Arcadia”) have joined the cast of “The Dry Land,” an indie drama from Maya Entertainment. The flickeroo follows a young soldier (Ryan O’Nan) who returns home from a tour of duty only to find that his small-town life no longer fits, according to THR.

– A stunt man filming a car chase in Times Square for the new Nicolas Cage movie “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” crashed his Ferrari into a store front and two pedestrians suffered minor injuries, police and the film’s producers said on Monday. The crash, which happened early on Monday, was captured on amateur video that was posted on the New York Post website. When I said I hope this movie ‘crashes and burns’, I didn’t mean it literally.

The Tarantino Archives has a second “Inglourious Basterds” poster. This new one features Eli Roth. Meanwhile a poster for David Slade’s upcoming “Cold Skin” has surfaced at Shock Till You Drop.

– “Twilight” has scooped up the majority of the nominations for this year’s MTV Movie Awards – proving my wife’s been spending way too much time on the internet of late. “Slumdog Millionaire”, “High School Musical 3” and “The Dark Knight” have also received quite a few nominations. This year, there’s a new ‘best WTF moment’ – with Jason Segel’s ‘nude break-up’ scene from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” bound to take the prize. has published a list of the cameos to be found in the new “Star Trek” movie. I was looking for Greg Grunberg in the film, but didn’t see him – now I know why! He merely ‘voiced’ a character.

– Apparently (usually code for ‘could be true or could be blatant bullshit’) Ben Stiller is to produce a feature-film version of the UK hit “Little Britain”. The news comes from the always-reliable British rag, The Sun.

– The new thriller “Prey”, starring Natalie Bassingthwaighte, will have it’s Australian Premiere on Thursday night at the Como in South Yarra. Guests expected include some of Nat’s former “Neighbours” colleagues, radio personalities Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek, and Poker King Joe Hachem.

– Sony Home Entertainment Australia are pouring the champagne! (and not sharing it with us) The shingle announced that the DVD and Blu-ray release of its ”action-packed, modern day vampire love story” ”Twilight” has sold 264,077 units in its first week on shelves. These record numbers have made ”Twilight” the best selling DVD title in the last 5 years in Australia in the first week of release. Yep, even more than “Bratz : The Movie” according to the record-books.

– Fox have picked up a second season of “Fringe”, which is good news for Josh Jackson, who was otherwise going to try and convince Emilio Estevez to get the “Mighty Ducks” up again.

– Speaking of all things TV, Michael Ausiello has a comprehensive report on what shows NBC are bringing back next season (and which shows they’re not). (Oh, and Mike, totally agree – “Star Trek” had me doing cart-wheels too!).

– Remember that flick Jean Claude Van Damme was going to do titled “The Pit Bull”? Well, its just undergone a name change to “Karate”.

– Former ‘Superman’ Dean Cain is attached to star in “Vacation” – which thankfully isn’t a remake of the classic Chevy Chase number. This one, directed by Richard Stanley, tells of an American couple stranded in a remote island paradise when a nuclear exchange wipes out most of the outside world.

– Elaine Hendrix (“The Parent Trap”, “Inspector Gadget 2”) will star in the action/horror pic “Eve”, playing a lone Terminatrix on a mission to wipe out the scum of Los Angeles. ‘Eve’ later realizes there’s a reason why the crooks and crims of the world are gathering in California. Brian Metcalf, who directed the “24” Board Game, is the film’s writer/director.

– Christopher Lee will reunite with Hammer Films for “The Resident”. The flick, starring Hilary Swank and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, tells of a young woman stalked by her psycho landlord. More info on the flick, and Lee’s role, at Bloody Disgusting.

Clint’s Bits : Film Recommendation of the Day

Bright Lights Big City – Director James Bridges didn’t exactly nail Jay McInerney’s book (the pacing is a bit off, and the energy isn’t really there), but Michael J.Fox really embodied forlorn drug-addict Jamie. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s one of the “Family Ties” stars best performances. Such a good performance by young Fox – alas, nobody cared to see him in anything that didn’t include music by Huey Lewi; too bad. Featuring a great 80s soundtrack, and terrific supporting performances by the likes of Kiefer Sutherland, Phoebe Cates and Swoosie Kurtz, “Big City” is well worth a look….again.