Khan in Star Trek sequel?


If I were a betting man – and I’m not; if only because my daughter thieves whatever paper is in my wallet on a daily basis, thus leaving me with nothing to bet – I’d lay something down on Khan appearing in the next (or the one after) “Star Trek” film.

From the sounds of the following conversation, it’s something that’s definitely being considered over at Bad Robot.

Aint it Cool asked “Star Trek” scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman what the chances are of the legendary “Star Trek II” villain (performed so vividly by the late Ricardo Montalban in “Wrath of Khan”) appearing in one of the future films is. They didn’t say yay or nay, but did say it’s a thought they’ve had.

Orci says “The honest answer is if you’re a TREK fan, there’s no way Khan isn’t at the top of the list of things you want to play with, right?’’

Adding, ‘’It’ll just be whether or not it’s the right thing to do’’

Kurtzman says the “whole reason we came to this idea of an alternative timeline was so that everyone could feel that canon was being respected while giving us freedom to have the future be unwritten. I think that leaves you as much or as little room for interpretation as you’d like in terms of some of the key characters.”

Orci adds, “I think if this works, it’ll be because it sometimes does what would’ve happened in the other timeline, and it sometimes doesn’t. It’s sort of a harmony – and finding that right balance will the be key if we do it.”

So folks, would you like to see Khan make an appearance in a future installment, or would you rather Bob and Alex come up with some funky new villains for the pre-Shat crew?

For the full interview with the “Star Trek” penners, set your arrow here.