Barbra Streisand : The Concerts [DVD]


By Ashley Hillard

If you love Barbra, you’ll love this three DVD pack of her concerts and bonus footage.  Il Divo performs with her on the first disc, featuring two acts blending her new and old material.  The performance finishes out her 2006 U.S. “Timeless” tour.  Bonus features include fun interviews and behind the scenes footage, including an interview about the Streisand Foundation,  which gives to a variety of respected charities.

The second disc in the set features the first DVD release of “The Concert – Live At The Arrowhead Pond” which took place in 1994 in Anaheim.  Barbra is a spectacular performer, lively and fun to watch as she sings her older classics as well as her more recent hits.  A particularly memorable performance is “I’ll Know” with the great Marlon Brando.  This concert marks Barbra’s first in twenty-eight years.


Last but not least, “Putting It Together – The Making of The Broadway Album” takes viewers behind the scenes of the making of Barbra’s “Broadway” album and includes many of the album’s hits, including “Funny Girl” and “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers.”  There are also TV bonus tracks from her performances over the decades, spanning from the 60s to the 2000s.  It’s fun to see her changing styles and diva attitude over the years.

All and all, a must have for any Barbra fan.