Shatner for Star Trek sequel?


I think we can all safely speculate who, if anyone, form the original gang will be asked  part of the next “Star Trek” film – but Jesus I hope he’s not bought back by way of that friggin’ nexus.

In an interview with TrekWeb, “Trek” helmer J.J Abrams says it’s ”actually a possibility”’ that William Shatner may be back as a latter-day Captain Kirk in the sequel.

Look, I love Shatner, and we can all agree that his Captain Kirk is one of cinema’s most legendary characters – but do we really need him in this new series?

Of course Shatner thinks we do.

The actor tells his idea for bringing Kirk back in a future film : “I know J.J. Abrams a little bit What I would say to him… is why not write something for the Kirk character as he approaches death once again? But as he dies, with having lived a full life, what would that do? How would that work in an action movie?”

If Abrams’ new “Trek” proves anything it’s that a “Trek” film doesn’t need Shatner to grip us so long as we’ve got good actors, good characters… good, exciting stuff on screen… to keep us entertained. Abrams has rounded up a great bunch of actors that we can truly invest ourselves in, and  quite frankly, we’re never going to truly accept the new crew until the ‘old faces’ stop popping up in the films. Look, I’m not saying it won’t work, or be fun, to have Shatner’s Kirk appear – and I’d be as giddy as you guys to see the old guy – again, but it has to make sense (maybe if they use Khan, there’ll be a reason?) and it can’t be so big of a part that it takes it away from the new bunch of Spaceballs. Maybe there’ll find a median strip somewhere…