Major League [Blu-Ray]

By Clint Morris

Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing!

David S.Ward’s timeless sporting comedy about a group of slacker underdog baseball players, the Cleveland Indians, who go on to win the World Series – much to the surprise of anyone and everyone, including their most stringent fans, but mainly, their new manager (Margaret Whitton) whose ‘hoping’ they’ll lose for her own personal gain.

Still remember going to see “Major League” at the cinema. It was 1989 – or going on 1990 – and it was one of three films screening in a Sunday night Triple Feature (I remember it being a Triple because I was annoyed that I was late for the first film); the other two films being ‘’The Abyss” (the film I missed half-of) and Skin Deep (The John Ritter thing).

Much to my surprise – I assumed it to be no more than your middle-of-the-road baseball comedy; at that time, only Kevin Costner could do successful baseball movies – “Major League” was the highlight of the night (Do I need remind you I missed the first half of Jim Cameron’s “The Abyss”?). It was such a good time movie. I don’t remember laughing, clapping, and yahooing so much through a movie since.

And for anyone that also saw the movie theatre – you know exactly what I mean, don’t you!?  I mean, remember the thunderous applause and synchronized singing that happened throughout the auditorium when Charlie Sheen’s character walked out to the sound of ‘Wild Things’ near the end of the film? Truly one of the best moments… ever… on film.

What “Major League” did right was it paid as much attention the characters as it did the gags, and it’s because of that that most of us remember Ricky (Sheen), Jake (Tom Berenger), Roger (Corbin Bernsen), Lou (James Gammon), Pedro (Dennis Haysbert), and Willie (Wesley Snipes) as much as we do, say, the scene where the latter wakes up on the field – after his bed was lifted from the sleeping quarters overnight and plonked there – and proceeds to show off his running skills, still in pyjamas, alongside his fellow team members, who are already being put through their paces.

Blu-Ray Details and Extras

The ‘Major League : Wild Thing’ Edition Blu-Ray is essentially the same bag as the DVD – and yes, I’m sadly referring to the video transfer too.  Sure, it looks better than DVD (and it definitely sounds better), but one would expect a bit better-looking transfer than this. Its twenty-years-old and boy does it show it… I’ve seen more realistic colours in my sock drawer.

Extras-wise, there’s some good stuff on here – but nothing that hasn’t been seen before (on the DVD version). There’s a cheesy but worthwhile alternate ending, a retrospective look-back at the classic film, a featurette on commentator (and co-star) Bob Uecker, a commentary by the writer/director and producer, and a stills gallery.