Cannes Feedback on Basterds


I’m not going to lie to you – I’m not as excited about Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Basterds” as much as I think I probably should be. In fact, I’m as mixed up as, well, the damn title when it comes to this one.

Look, I enjoyed the script, and I love the Tarantino/Brad Pitt combo, but still, I can’t seem to get damp over the damn thing. Is it that the pics released over the film didn’t blow me away? Is it that the trailer was all too brief to leave any kind of impression? Is it the lack of a big-name support cast? (something we’ve grown accustomed to with Tarantino’s pics) Or maybe it’s that Tarantino seems to dip just that little bit, er, lower – for lack of a better word – with each film?

The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival a little over an hour ago and the word is its good – if a little flabby and talky (that doesn’t surprise me – c’mon, It’s QT!). At the same time, a couple are saying it’s the director’s best film since “Pulp Fiction” (and god, I’ll never forget how excited I was exiting the theater after seeing that!). So, look, doesn’t sound like my skepticism and unfound enthusiasm were for nothing – but at least it sounds entertaining.

Very mixed reports coming…

Here’s what some lucky enough to be there have said on Twitter this evening about the film :

firstshowing : The action is kind of minimal, but that’s Tarantino for you, lots of talking, but great story, I loved it! Inglourious Basterds was frickin’ awesome! This is the WW2 movie we’ve all been waiting to see!!

Hyams: INGLORIOUS BASTERDS: a light comedy about killing Nazis. My low expectations were met.

empiremagazine: Glorious Basterds, as it turns out… very, very good, subverting expectations at every corner. Should make Michael Fassbender a star – C It’s utterly unpredictable. When it looks like going one way, it twists the other, & the ending… so audacious it provokes giddy laughter. Christoph Waltz, as Jew Hunter Hans Landa, is a revelation. Shoo-in for Best Supporting Nom. Looks like evil Rob Brydon too. All performances are uniformly grand. Pitt’s hilarious. And the film has two or three scenes that rival anything in QT’s career for tension.

BBCEntsTeam: Surely Tarantino’s best film since Pulp Fiction. Goody!! Brad Pitt is superb… It’s flabby in parts… And (spoiler?) Tarantino has produced an alternative ending to WWII

owfilm: Just came out of Cannes screening… Inglorious Basterds – Absolute F**CKING quality! “It gets a bit silly for ten minutes at the end and the brit characters are a bit shit”.

TV Calling :: Bottom line of Basterds: entertaining but nothing ground-breaking

Expect reviews to start popping up over the next few hours.