Exclusive : Fogler on What’s Ahead


Chatted to the bloody uber-talented Dan Fogler this morning – the Tony Award Winning Broadway star that’s since gone on to be somewhat of a celluloid comic icon, starring in such films as “Balls of Fury” and “Fanboys” – who was kind enough to talk us through some of his next flicks. First up, a project we’ve been hearing about for a while now, Kyle Newman’s loose take on the Wolfman Jack story – which, I have to say, sounds like it could be the next “Bubba Ho-Tep”! Bring that shit on… with butter!

Wolfman Jack

Fogler will star as the legendary 70s D.J in Kyle Newman’s loose biopic.

“It’s a tall tale – though instead of Paul Bunyon, it’s Wolfman Jack”, says Fogler, “The movie starts out like a traditional biopic, but then it turns into a spaghetti western! What happens is – and they’ll kill me for revealing this – near the end, James Brown teams up with Wolfman Jack to fight off Mexicans!

“It’s one of the craziest scripts I’ve ever read in my life – and I can’t wait to do it, running around with a crazy accent shooting Mexicans will be awesome!”

Fogler says Wolfman Jack was such an intriguing person.

“He was just a regular guy from Brooklyn trying to make ends meet. And he created this alter-ego, almost out of necessity.”

Number Thirteen

“I play sort of the young, bohemian version of Hitchcock – just after he’s directed his first film. You know Shakespeare in Love? This is sort of like Hitchcock in Love”.

Fanboys 2

I’ve heard Kyle Newman is tinkering with the idea of a sequel. In it, the characters would regroup to go on another mission – this time to crash the set of ”Star Wars Attack of the Clones” in Australia.  If it were to happen, Fogler thinks Newman should probably do this one independently – without the studio involved (after the whole fiasco on the first film). And yeah, he’d love to reprise Hatch.

“If you want to do it right, do it independently”, says Fogler, “If he could come up with the right script, and get everyone together again, I would definitely do it.”

Mars Needs Moms

“It’s Seth Green – who I’ve become good buddies with; and he’s great in it – and Joan Cusack. Its cool man – It’s like Goonies meets Star Wars meets Die Hard. It’s motion-capture, which was fun – in fact, it’s probably the funnest experience I’ve had making a movie”.

Spanky Johnson : Monster Hunter

“[Spanky Johnson] is a guy whose dad was this monster hunter. He’s left the family business, but gets back into it – and it sorta becomes the monster hunter’s hero journey. It leans more towards Young Frankenstein – actually Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Ghostbusters meets Young Frankenstein. When I pitched it to [the producers] that’s all I said, ‘Imagine Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Ghostbusters meets Young Frankenstein : Spanky Johnson, Monster Hunter’. And they bought it.”

Fogler had a bunch of different names for the film – but once ‘Spanky Johnson’ made it “into the trades, that’s what it became”.

As for which studio will be making it, Fogler isn’t sure. “Not sure who is the right company at the moment. I want to main control over it. It’s like Fanboys – if you want to make it right, sometimes you’ve got to do it yourself”.

Hysterical Psycho

“Right now, it’s on the festival circuit, and we’ve got a lot of bites from foreign companies interested in picking it up. It’s a hard sell, because it’s black-and-white, but people are really enjoying it.”