Poster for Van Damme’s Karate


Rodin Entertainment, a new company run by Jean Claude Van Damme, has just emailed over the poster for the upcoming VD flick “Karate”. Can only assume the poster was plastered on the walls of the croissant stops cross Cannes last week. And it’s not bad, so I imagine the film sold (since nobody cares what a film’s actually like, so long as the poster’s pretty and U2 have agreed to lend their music to the film’s trailer).
If my deteriorating memory serves me right, the film was previously titled “The Pit Bull”. Like this title better. Says it all. A little like “Kickboxer” – still considered one of JCVD’s best movies – which can’t hurt either.
I’m just gonna take a punt and guess that this new one involves someone’s head coming to blows with the former Time Cop’s crimson-coloured knuckles.
The official site for the film actually has a more precise synopsis up.