Picardo on Stargate Atlantis movie


Elyssa here,

I recently caught up with Robert Picardo, the legendary actor whose probably best known for his roles in sci-fi faves “Star Trek : Voyager” and “Stargate Atlantis”, and he was happy to tell us a little bit about his forthcoming role on TV hit “Castle”, as well as gave as an update (not that there’s much to tell) on the “Stargate Atlantis” movie.

‘I have been told I will be [in the Atlantis film] but we also thought the movie was going to be on a shorter, more immediate time frame so at this point I haven’t heard exactly when it might be”, Picardo said. “There was some talk about doing it in the late spring-early summer which clearly is not going to happen so I think that the next time frame will probably be in the fall, in October, but I don’t know for sure.”

Picardo also told us about his guest role on “Castle”.

First of all, Nathan Fillion, there’s an actor with charm to burn, he’s a lovely guy and terrific on the show. The show deserves to be a big hit because it fills a kind of a gap that’s not on television. It works as a caper show, it’s exciting, the stories are good but most importantly there’s a great relationship between Castle, Nathan’s character and the police detective Beckett which I think is great… sexual tension between the two of them. I love Susan Sullivan who plays his mother who is a hoot and the actress that plays his daughter [Molly Quinn] is also excellent, so all the principles are good. I think the show looks great, he is just charming and his appeal … I’ve heard women 17 years old talking about him and women in their 60s talking about him so that should translate into big ratings AND they’ve cast me as his old friend, forensic pathologist adviser who is heavily involved in the cliff hanger at the end of the season so with any good luck, if the show’s picked up (which it since has been – Ed), they should be having me back as a recurring character.

You can read the full interview with Picardo here