Movement on Scream 4?


This is actually old news…. I think.

David Arquete and Courteney Cox-Arquette are, according to EW, in talks to star in a new “Scream” trilogy.

Yeah, sound familiar? That’s because the duo have been in talks to star in a new “Scream” trilogy since 2006.

Cox and Cox-Arquette were approached by The Weinstein’s way back when about reprising Gale and Dewey for the first chapter in a new Kevin Williamson-penned sequel trilogy. From memory, the treatment involved Ghostface going after Gale and Dewey’s baby who, for some reason or another, was important. Don’t ask my why? Whatever the case, the Arquette’s have been loosely attached to the new film for a couple of years now. And in that time, the project has barely inched forward.

Is this new bit of news an indication that the film is finally going before the cameras? Wouldn’t hold my breath.