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Call me lazy. Call me congenial. Call me philanthropic. Call me Sally. For whatever reason, it was you  – yes you, with the underpants around his head and the Miley Cyrus poster on his bedroom wall – that asked screen starlet Jaime King  (“My Bloody Valentine”, “Sin City”) all about her latest flick “Fanboys”, when we caught up with her on the weekend. And thanks – less work for me!

Like that scene in “Terminator 2 : Judgement Day” when the T-800 robs John Connor’s voice for a few minutes, I was asking the questions as it were – but it was your words coming out of my mouth. I was your puppet (only Tony Hopkins’ hand wasn’t stuck up my trunk). And yes, I enjoyed it. It felt good.

Look, I refused to ask a couple of the questions you sent in (like yours Chris from Belmont!), but I believe the best ones were delivered. Below you’ll discover how Jaime became a part of Kyle Newman’s phenomenal mix-tape of adoration to George Lucas, her favourite “Star Wars” character, and get an update on some of her forthcoming projects. Big thanks to Jaime!

Jaime, when did you first see “Star Wars”? – Claire Mirojick.

My mom saw Star Wars 3 times in the theatre. I can’t remember exactly when the first time was, I remember it being a big part of my youth and watching it so many times as a child.

Why did you want to do “Fanboys”? – Robert

Because they bound and gagged me and put a roofie in my drink and shipped me to new Mexico- next thing I knew I was at the premiere. No, seriously- I wanted to do it because when I heard about the script I just thought it was so cool. An actor I was working with at the time (Zachary Levi from Chuck) found out I was doing it when we were getting ready to do our scene and he freaked out! He said “I wanted to be cast in that movie so bad! I am so jealous!” so many people were vying to be in Fanboys so I was really, really lucky to go do a cameo in it.

In terms of on-screen lovers, how does Dan Fogler rank? – Nicky E

Dan is such an amazing actor- so brilliantly talented and funny. I had so much fun working with him and he is a good friend of ours now so I would rank him as top, top notch.

Who is your favourite Star Wars character and why? – Ben

Aurra Sing- she is a bad-ass chick and I play her in The Clone Wars TV series so I am very partial to her. Then I would say Darth Vader, a man with great power and great love that was misdirected and misunderstood.

Will you be in a sequel to “My Bloody Valentine 3D”?- Chris

For sure, if it happens, for sure.

Have you heard anything about a “Sin City” sequel? I so can’t wait to see it! – Brianna

Yes, there are rumors abound, it’s gonna happen, we are just waiting for everyone’s schedules to be organized. I am super excited about that, Sin City was one of my favorite movie making experiences.

You must love Star Wars to be in Fanboys, would you consider playing a role in the Star Wars TV series? – Anon

I would play an ant on Tatooine if they asked me. I would even play a protocol droid.

You’re doing a film with my favourite actor Stephen Moyer. Can you tell us about it? – Jessica

Tribes of October is a post apocalyptic thriller that will all be shot on greenscreen. It is one of the most interesting scripts I have read. The cast is awesome- Robert Duvall, James Caan, Ray Stevensen and the director Phillipe Martinez is extremely talented with a great vision.

Kyle [Newman] is obsessed with Star Wars, is there any film your obsessed with? – No Name Provided

2001- A Space Odyssey- is the most beautiful, powerful film to me. So revolutionary in its entirety. I love sci-fi films and to me this is one of the best. My next favorite is any of the Harry Potter films.

Who shot first – Greedo or Han? – General Dodonna

Same time I think… or there was a third gunman in the grassy knoll.

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) will hold the Australian Premiere of Fanboys, the long anticipated film celebrating fandom and the cult of the Star Wars franchise. ACMI will present a limited run season from Friday 5 June to Sunday 21 June. Fanboys is exclusive to ACMI in Victoria.


Friday 5 June following the 9.00pm session

Director Kyle Newman will answer your questions from LA

Moderated by film journalist Thomas Caldwell

Attention Fanboys and Fangirls:

The first 20 individuals to come in Star Wars costume to the 9.00pm session on opening night, Friday 5 June, will get free admission for themselves into that session.

The first 5 individuals to come in Star Wars costume to the 7.15pm session on opening night, Friday 5 June, will receive a limited edition Fanboys poster.

Opening night will also feature some of your favourite Star Wars characters ready to pose for photos with you. Arrive 30 minutes before the 7.15pm or 9pm sessions on Friday 5 June to have your photo taken with Darth Vader or a Storm Trooper, courtesy of Melbourne’s The 501st Collective. BYO camera.

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Clint is the creator, editor and maintainer of Moviehole.

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