Exclusive : Where’s the Porky’s redo?


Howard Stern’s “Porky’s” remake has been on-and-off more times than Pink and her biker boyfriend. And according to writer David H.Steinberg, the smutty remake of the Canadian classic is still far from erect.

‘’We were on the fast track last summer and then I guess the problem with the credit market put the brakes on it’’ Steinberg, whose latest film, “American Pie “Book of Love”, just wrapped in Canada. “My understanding is that it is still greenlit and going into production this year”.

The new film is a “true remake” says Steinberg, adding that it keeps “fairly close to the original but updating some key elements. For example, it takes place present day and in San Diego instead of Florida. But most of the original characters return and some scenes are clear homages to the originals.”