Terminator opens big internationally


“Terminator Salvation” has opened to huge numbers internationally, with the Sony release declared the third biggest opener of the year (just slightly behind “X-Men Origins : Wolverine” and “Angels and Demons”).

Here in Australia for instance, the McG-directed sequel opened at number one and made a pleasing $5.2 million across 386 screens. The leading market though was the U.K., where the actioner grossed $11.6 million from 900 locations.

The distributor noted that “Salvation” is running 21% ahead of “Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines” for the same territories at the same point in their release. That flick, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in a role that lasts for more than 30 seconds, generated a sumly $283 million internationally.

Considering the lack of promotion for this latest “Terminator” downunder – aside from the odd TV spot there were next to no interviews with the cast; even star Sam Worthington, an Australian, was too busy shooting his latest film “Clash of the Titans” to do more than two or three interviews – it’s quite an accomplishment. Seems the brand name did all selling, and the negative reviews haven’t hurt it (just as they didn’t hurt “Wolverine”, which is now the highest-grossing “X-Men” movie ever in Australia) one bit.

Meanwhile rumours have surfaced at BleedingCool that “Terminator 5” may be set in modern-day London. Apparently John Connor (Christian Bale) hops a time-traveling electro-bubble to Big Ben for some reason or another.