Exclusive : Update on Phantom Legacy


We haven’t heard anything about “The Phantom Legacy”, the proposed new feature-film version of comic classic “The Phantom”, for a while, so I thought I’d check in with screenwriter Tim Boyle (busy in L.A working on the project) and see how the project is progressing.

‘’The Phantom is still at scripting stage’’, Boyle says. ‘’Although the comic studio and executive producers have given it two thumbs up, we’re constantly pushing the screenplay forward. I believe the film will go into pre-production by the end of the year.’’

In terms of who’ll be playing The Ghost Who Walks, Boyle plays down those unbridled rumours suggesting Sam Worthington’s going to get the gig.

‘’Sam is a friend of mine. He is very aware of the project but has never been approached to be in the film. The producers may be considering him, but this has never come from my camp. I’m sure whoever they cast for the role will be perfect.’’

Like the 90s version (starring Billy Zane in the title role), the reboot will also likely be filmed in Australia – but that’s where the similarities will end. ‘’The 1996 film was a product of the time. It was campy, not believable and didn’t make much sense. Audiences want to connect with the film. Hopefully we can do that on this project.’’

And as for whether the film will have any link to the recently-announced SyFy “Phantom” telemovie?

‘’No. Sci-fi are on there own path just like us’’, says Boyle. ‘’We have no real other connection apart from the obvious.’’