Exclusive : Lussier on fourth Dracula


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Of all the films in their stable, there’s two films in the Dimension back catalog I’m asked asked about regularly – the feature film adaptation of Dean Koontz’ ‘’Phantoms’’ (1998) and The Wes Craven Produced “Dracula 2000” (2000). What most people ask is whether or not those loco’s have run out of steam – in other words, are there more sequels on the way?

Whilst the ‘’Phantoms’’ name came to an abrupt end with Ben Affleck-starring film (though I wouldn’t be surprised if they reboot that at some stage – if only because Jay & Silent Bob love it so much) and there are no plans to sequelize it at this stage, director Patrick Lussier’s ‘’Dracula’’ reboot went on to spawn two successful direct-to-DVD sequels, and, in due course, opened many a usually-closed door for the Canadian filmmaker. A fourth film was discussed, but it’s unlikely to happen.

I got in touch with Patrick – upon receiving yet another email from a reader whether or not there’s any chance of another installment in the Dracula 2000 series – to see whether he thought the blood spruiker might rear his head again sometime in the future.

‘’Doubtful there would be another Drac Pack movie because it got lost in the rights shuffle of the Dimension/Disney bust up’’, says Lussier. ‘’Joel Soisson and I originally wanted to continue the adventures of Uffizi… and before that, had even discussed a theatrical sequel to D2K but none of those came to pass, I’m afraid.

“But if you want to know what happened next… The Cardinal picks up Luke, forces him back into Transylvania to find Uffizi… only they find Julia, now mistress of the vampire horde. Uffizi’s bugged out on his own quest. Mayhem, of course, would’ve ensued.”

Ya never know mate, Harvey’s ears may have just pricked up!

Lussier’s three “Dracula” films featured, interestingly enough, a different actor wearing the plastic fangs each time – Gerard Butler in the original, Stephen Billington in the sequel, “Dracula II : Ascension”, and Rutger Hauer in the third and seemingly final instalment, “Dracula III : The Legacy”.