Moviehole Mailbag – 11/6/09


We’ve got Letters, we’ve got Letters, we’ve got Lots and Lots of Letters….

Question: Whatcha think of this Megan Fox as Buffy rumor? – Joe Henry

Caffeinated Clint: Besides it stinking like the crusty cat turd at the bottom of my sneaker? No, in all seriousness, why wouldn’t Fox be atop of Vertigo’s list for the “Buffy” remake – she’s the ‘It girl’ of the moment. She has killer legs, is as fit as a fiddle, and can put bums on seats. I think it’s safe to say that the Kuzui’s have probably bought her name up at one stage. In fact, IGN Movies talked to Buffy producer Roy Lee about the rumour, who said, “The rumors of Megan Fox being involved with Buffy are just rumors. As with any film project with a female lead under the age of 30, Megan is the actress that most studios want so it is no surprise her name is mentioned. While I think she would be great for our project, we are still in the early stages of developing the script.” So, what’s he saying there? Well, he’s saying that Fox will undoubtedly be on his wish-list when he begins casting – though currently, if only because the unnecessary fucked-up retard remake is without a home, no star is currently attached.

Question: I’m a big fan of a film called “Trick or Treat”. I think you’re doing a movie with producer Joel Soisson (sp?) and wondered if u could ask if he’s heard about a remake, or would he consider doing one? Obviously they’d need to change the title, but I think there’s real potential here. I’d be in your debt if u could ask?- – Brian

Caffeinated Clint: Soisson says, “I’m amazed how many contacts, emails and letters I get from that movie. More than all my other films combined. At the time we all wrote it off as a fun little confection that wouldn’t be remembered past its first Halloween weekend. Strange business we’re in. So yeah, I am actually kind of interested in a remake. Problem is, like Bill and Ted which we made around the same time for DeLaurentiis Entertainment group, the rights have been sold and resold from that now defunct company to the point it would take the FBI to puzzle it out. But your reader has inspired me to try. Something in the headbanger’s eternal struggle still resonates”. So there you have it, Soisson’s looking into a remake! Ok, now that I’ve asked the question, I want : A fully-fuelled chopper, new passports, a bag of cash in the carry-on department of said transportation, and Kristen Bell, naked and oiled, tied to the passenger seat.

Question: I hear that Adam Rifkin, the guy who is doing the new “He-Man” movie, is doing a new martial-arts movie called “Suckerpunch”? For real?- Harrison

Caffeinated Clint: Well firstly, Rifkin is no longer onboard the long gestating “Greyskull”. As for “Suckerpunch”, which I aren’t familiar with myself, Rifkin says in an email “It’s a comedy set in the world of bare knuckle boxing and professional mixed martial arts. It’s being produced by Vince McMahon and his WWE film company. It was created as a vehicle for one of the WWE’s stars named Big Show. I finished the script several months ago and am hoping it goes into production soon. As you can well imagine, I’m not allowed to say more beyond that.”

Question: Any word on who is going to be the villain in the new “Batman” movie yet? – Sam

Caffeinated Clint: God no, Warner haven’t even made a deal with Chris Nolan to make the darn movie. Interestingly enough, Eddie Murphy was on The Tonight Show this week and bought up those ridiculous ‘Riddler’ rumours. ‘’I heard that rumour’’ laughed the once-funny comic superstar. ‘’I would love to be in one of those batman movies but whoever is really playing the riddler is sitting at home saying to his agent, ‘’We gotta stop this rumour!’. Jim Carrey did that once.” If Murphy had a choice who he’d play in a “Batman” movie, he joked it’d be “egghead”! “Eggsquisite! Eggslwnt! They’ll never crack this hard boiled case!”, he joked with Conan.

Question : Derek Mears is in the new “Predators”! – – Fang

Caffeinated Clint: Careful, Harry likes to squash rumours that have some sort of legitimacy behind them my friend. But yes, it’s sounding like the new ‘Jason’ could be in the Robert Rodriguez-led reboot. Mears is tight-lipped at the moment (as you’ll learn here) but word is, he’s being courted to play one of the titular ugly mother-fuckers. Everyone I talk to says Derek is already onboard (and even Derek is dodging the question when I ask him) but what’s funny is another certain webmaster seems to think that the film isn’t casting yet, and that it’s nowhere near casting – at least that’s what he’s easily led to believe. Hmm.

Question: I am a big fan of Chopper and Romper Stomper. Are there any other similar Australian movies that you would suggest?- Bob

Caffeinated Clint: Oh, where do I start? Um, “Sunday Too Far Away”, “Mad Max”, “The Castle”, “The Year My Voice Broke”, “The Dish”, “Strange Bedfellows”, “The Heartbreak Kid”, “Crocodile Dundee” (duh!), “Malcolm”, “Phar Lap”, “The Man from Snowy River”, “Rabbit Proof Fence”, “The Proposition”, “Two Hands”, “Gallipoli”, “Shine”, “The Big Steal” (one of my personl favourites), “Crackerjack”, “Bad Eggs”, “Moulin Rouge”, “Strictly Ballroom”, Gettin’ Square”, “High Tide”… and of course, “BMX Bandits”! That a help?

Question: Since you’ve read both scripts for ‘’Paul’’ & ‘’You Again’’, would you describe Sigourney’s roles as cameo (like Be Kind Rewind), supporting (like Baby Mama) or co-star (like Working Girl)? (Isn’t she also doing Nic Roeg’s Night Train in September?). – Steve

Caffeinated Clint: To your last question first, yes; now as for her roles in “Paul” and “You Again”, it’s hard to say which role she’d be playing – if I had to guess though, I’d say she’ll be playing a supporting role (one that spoofs her role in that rather famous science-fiction quadrilogy she did) in “Paul”, and quite possibly, playing opposite her old spacely co-star Michael Biehn. Don’t know about “You Again”.

Question: Hello. Did you have any confirmation of the preview of American Pie? “Rumors” tell is gonna be lanced more one, named “The Book of Love”. Have any confirmation of date? Sorry the poor inglish, i am dont american and i not speak very good this linguage. – Henry

Caffeinated Clint: Your English is better than half the people that write in – and you have an excuse for it not to be! Yes, “Book of Love” is headed to DVD later this year, early next year. It’s about a group of kids – new characters we haven’t seen before – who discover the ‘sex bible’ that was introduced in the original movie. They then meet all sorts of zany types (Gary Coleman, Sherman Helmsley, Carrot Top etc) who have apparently been using the book. Rosanna Arquette will play one of the lead’s mothers – sort of a ‘match’ for Eugene Levy’s character.

Question: I am really trying to apply to be apart of casting for any up coming productions/shows/movies. –Amos

Caffeinated Clint: Aren’t we all

Question: Hey Clint, do you think they will make a sequel to Hitman? It wasn’t as good as Jason Bourne,but still not bad. Visually impressive and a good performance by Timothy Olyphant. Any rumours of a sequel happening. – Chris Lindsay

Caffeinated Clint: Director Xavier Gens and I were recently speaking about this very thing – a “Hitman” sequel. He doesn’t think there’ll be one, and if there is, he definitely won’t be involved. So no, I don’t think you’ll see another.

Question: hey clint i,m looking forward to seeing evil dead 4 returning with bruce campbell and with sam and ivan raimi returng make the 4th chapter in evil dead trilogy and i,m looking forward to seeing mad max 4 with mel gibson i hope does happen mel to return as max and bruce to return as ash so that really neat too see one last time on the big screen with the two coolest actors of our time any way talk later max and ash is for part 4 of evil dead and mad max4. – Holden

Caffeinated Clint: neeson. Dukes. Schneider. Darkman. Batboy. Apples. Telephone. Stamp. Mad max! right on!

Question: hey clint now i heard about this new termiantor 4 and frankley i think it looks really great and to me has more story line and 2011 they will have terminator 5 for the next mission of john goes back in time into the past so will be good with bale back later holden!- – Holden

Caffeinated Clint: Yep, “Terminator Salvation” is ‘frankley’ really great –almost as fun as popping warts on your butt cheeks!

Question: hey clint holden here any way i have big news about back to the future 4 is comeing out in august of 2012 and robert zemicks has pined a good story for it this will be about changeing the past from 1955 of doc brown that will be great to see again time travlers – holden

Caffeinated Clint: Nice Scoop Man! Did you hear that everyone!? Holden says “Back to the Future 4 is coming out August 2012”. Is Michael J.Fox onboard Holden? God, I’m so excited!! Damp actually!

Question: hey clint holden i think warner bors should reboot the dukes of hazzard trilogy and make more like family and good clean fun for everybody to watch the tv show was 20 years why can they do now because they want crap in now but my vote in i think reboot the dukes of hazzard trilogy and make good clean fun later clint what do you thin of thatu- Holden

Caffeinated Clint: Warner Bors, ya say? If the studio did indeed reboot “Dukes”, I’d say they should take on that new name.

Question: I love you, and I love this site! You have great humor and lots of scoops – Dean

Caffeinated Clint: Thanks man, Holden has one in this very Mailbag (a giant scoop!)

Question: Why did you remake “The Land that Time Forgot” for the Sci-Fi Channel?– Eric Barnes

Caffeinated Clint: Um, because I love making films in five days with the budget of a monthly mortgage payment?

Question: What’s Jason London from “Dazed and Confused” up to these days? Love that guy! – Derek

Caffeinated Clint: Besides waiting for Richard Linklatter to get his spiritual sequel to “Dazed and Confused up, London’s actually about to start work on a new film called “The Put Put Syndrome”, which, the PR folks behind the film, tells us is “a dark comedy about a man who thinks he has a perfect life, until a seed of doubt sends him spiraling into a mid-life crisis. At the end of his absurd and chaotic journey, he comes to realize that he has been taking his wife and children for granted and not living life to its fullest potential”. London joins David Chokachi, Thea Gill, Heather Tom, Robert Maschio and Paul Diomedel in the film, with Allen Cognata behind the camera (and power to Allen, he raised the finance on the film himself! Not an easy task!). So yeah, that’s what Jason London’s up to.

Question: Hey Clint, great conversation with Richard Hatch about a “Battlestar Galactica” movie. Think he’ll be in it? – Leo

Caffeinated Clint: That’s a question for Universal, sir.