Tony Blair, next 007 villain?


Had a feeling that, what with Chris Morgan now onboard the film as a scribe, that Michael Sheen might get a look-in on Bond 23 (Morgan, of course, wrote “Frost/Nixon”, “The Queen”, and “The Damned United”, all which starred the versatile Brit). But this one sounds a bit, er, suss…

According to The Daily Express (via Total Film), Sheen could be up for the role of legendary rogue, Blofeld (woo hoo!) in the next James Bond flick (For those under 25, Blofeld’s the cat that Mike Myers based Dr. Evil on in the “Austin Powers” pics).

Thing is, doesn’t Kevin McClory still owns the right to Blofeld and SPECTRE? And if so, hasn’t he blocked EON from using the character in subsequent films? If I’m right, this report’s likely to be as fake as Pam Anderson’s bust.