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Moviehole was lucky enough to get up close with “Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen” hottie Megan Fox last week. In addition to getting the juice on the robots-in-disguise follow up, we chatted about her upcoming projects “Jennifer’s Body” and “Jonah Hex”.  Oh, and yes, she’s smokin’!

Megan, what’s changed for you since the first Transformers?

Megan: The movie’s success and how well it was received has opened a lot of doors for me, career wise. I’ve been able to be a part of some films that I don’t really feel like I deserve to be a part of, and that is due greatly in part, or solely, because of the success of Transformers. I just did Jonah Hex with Josh Brolin, Michael Fassbender and John Malkovich. Actors just don’t get those kinds of opportunities. For me, to have that is a huge blessing, and that’s because of the success of this movie.

Has anything about your daily life changed?

Megan: Sure. Getting photographed at Whole Foods, or coming out of Rite Aid with your shampoo bottles and stuff, is new for me, but that’s not that crazy. You adjust to that. You acclimate to that pretty quickly.

Did you ever think, “I have to wear this?,” during filming?

Megan: Oh, yeah. I had those moments on a daily basis, but I didn’t have much of a say. I remember that Mike was auditioning Ramon [Rodriguez] and some of the other characters, and there was just this roomful of men upstairs in his office. It was Shia, Ramon, two other actors and Mike. I had to come up and down and knock on the door, and try on all my wardrobe. I had 18 different outfits. It was like, white jean shorts and a pink belly shirt and motorcycle boots. We went through a whole thing, and Mike was selecting them, in the process of auditioning.

What was your most favorite or memorable experience of working with members of the military?

Megan: In general, I was really pleasantly surprised at how they were all extremely chivalrous and very respectful, clearly because they’re disciplined. They were so much better behaved than the rest of the cast was, including myself. They listen and take direction really well, and we were all just fucking off. It adds authenticity to the movie. Michael consulted with the military on everything, to make it authentic and real. I also just enjoyed being able to walk on the set and see a hundred real soldiers, as opposed to walking on and seeing a hundred actors from Orange County or L.A., in fatigues. Overall, it was just a really pleasant experience for me, and I have an immense amount of respect for the soldiers and for our troops.

Megan, how do you react to seeing your image on a huge IMAX screen? How do you feel about being a sex symbol?

Megan: I haven’t seen the movie in IMAX. I just saw it for the first time, a few days ago, when we were in London. I usually don’t watch myself. I don’t watch playback. I don’t look at still photos. I have a phobia of it. But, I forced myself to sit down. I, basically, shot an entire glass of champagne, so that I could get through watching it. I was really, really pleasantly surprised and, halfway through, was overcome with genuine emotion and wanted to hug Michael because I had gratitude for him for making this movie. It so far surpassed my expectations. The character is sexy, but women in movies, in general, are sexy, especially in Michael’s movies. He knows how to make movies that get people in the theater, and that’s part of the formula.

Was it easier or harder this time, to work with machines that weren’t there?

Megan: It was definitely easier because we’ve seen them. We’ve seen Optimus, we’ve heard his voice and we know how he moves. It’s the same with all the robots. Once you’re able to visualize something’s presence, it’s a lot easier to fake interact with it. I think those scenes are some of the easiest scenes to shoot. I enjoy them because we’ve gotten good at being able to synchronize and pick an eyeline. You basically scream your dialogue at it and you avoid the area where you know it is, and I enjoy those scenes. We usually end up doing a ton of takes because ILM needs to be specific. The light needs to be right, and you need to be able to add it in and make it look like the way that they do. But, it wasn’t that difficult, this time around.

When you weren’t filming, what did you do to relax?

Megan: In New Mexico, after a hard day of work, we all went to drink at Chili’s.
We drank a lot.

How did you stay in shape for these roles?

Megan: I didn’t find the time or the motivation to work-out, after we shot a 12-hour day, so I didn’t really maintain much.

Michael did a great job of incorporating Shia’s hand injury into the film. When that happened, how did that affect everyone on the project?

Megan: Everyone is also very lucky for Shia’s level of commitment to this movie because he showed up with his injury and acted as though he didn’t have an injury. He still went balls-to-the-wall and completely committed, and did things that were not safe for him to do, but he wanted this movie to be as real as possible. I think that helped everyone out a lot.

Megan, who do you  play in Jonah Hex?

Megan: Her name is Leila now. She’s a twisted love interest to Josh Brolin’s character, Jonah. She’s a prostitute that he goes to see often.

Is it another sexy role?

Megan: No, it’s actually not sexy. It’s pretty serious. It’s the most serious thing I’ve done, so far.

Have you really been offered Lara Croft?

Megan: No, that’s a complete rumor. I haven’t been offered that. No one has even spoken to me about doing that yet.

Would you do it?

Megan: I think that’s a role that Angelina Jolie mastered, and I would never attempt to take that over from her.

Have you seen Jennifer’s Body yet?

Megan: I have seen it, and I’m actually really happy with it.

How did it turn out, in comparison to what you thought it would be?

Megan: Diablo Cody is so wicked and funny, it’s hard to really make a film that lives up to her script, but I think that (director) Karyn Kusama did a pretty good job. I think it’s one of the most interesting movies that’s coming out this year, for sure.

Do you get to do straight-up comedy in it?

Megan: It’s off-beat comedy. It’s inappropriate comedy, which I find to be the funniest.

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