Blade spin-off in the works?


Update! Comics2film spoke to Norrington who confirmed the news but said the movie is “not exactly how the article describes but close.” The director credits Dorff with coming up with the idea for the new project, which “has evolved into a very interesting story.”

After a decade of slumming it in direct-to-video hell, Stephen Dorff – currently making somewhat of a return with a showy-enough role of in Michael Mann’s “Public Enemies”- may have just garnered himself another golden ticket.

The star of such flicks as “The Power of One” (1992) and “Alone in the Dark” (2005) is set to reprise his role as the vampire ‘Frost’ in a spin-off of the “Blade” films. Wesley Snipes won’t be back.

Dorff, who recently appeared in the terrific direct-to-disc offering “Felon”, tells The Daily Mail the new film “will be a prequel to the Blade movies, Deacon’s story. It’s a new trilogy the director [Stephen Norrington] has created. It will cool. We hope to shoot the first film next year. Frost is a character I have never been able to shake.”

We’ll await more information before asking IMDB to add the film to their in-development listings.

Dorff next appears in two theatrical releases, “Black Water Transit” and “Born to be a Star”.