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Ramis talks Ghostbusters 3

Harold Ramis spoke to Makingof (the filmmaking site co-founded by actress and all-round fox, Natalie Portman), and went into great detail (I believe he speaks about it for about seven minutes or thereabouts) about the looming “Ghostbusters 3”.

Ramis, who plays Egon Spengler in the series, says he and cast members Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray don’t want to make a second sequel to Ivan Reitman’s 1985 hit just for the hell of it. Citing ‘’Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull’’ (which he calls a “disaster”) and ‘’Spider-Man 3’’ as examples, Ramis said they could “do anything, and they’d likely still make some money from it” but everyone would rather it be a good film first; make money second.

If and when it does get up, “Ghostbusters 3” won’t be a complete reboot of the series – like, as Ramis says, the Christopher Nolan Batman movies.

We won’t be “going super high-tech”, he says, adding, “what made [the original] Ghostbusters funny was sorta the low-tech aspect of it. It’s got to be about character, and secondly, the pseudo-science of it – the made-up gadgets and the fake mythology”.

Ramis – and I’m glad to hear him say this – says he’s not a fan of CGI, essentially saying an abundance of animated effects takes you out of the picture, so doesn’t want “Ghostbusters 3” to be full of “Transformers”-esque bells & whistles.

It’s great to hear that everybody’s going to go out there and try and make a good film… last thing we need is to be butt-fucked again by another studio that’s hell-bent on raping our childhood.

You can check out the interview here

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