Exclusive : More Spy Kids?


I can’t confirm this (though I’m sure our bearded friend in Texas can?) but a casting director, an old friend (and someone who seems to be in-the-loop on these kinda things), mentioned over coffee this morning that The Weinstein’s are talking about doing a fourth “Spy Kids” movie.  First I’d heard of it, so thought it was worth a mention.

The news doesn’t sound too far-fetched. Robert Rodriguez, the chap behind the previous flicks, seems to be keen on making use of his Troublemaker studios space (The recently announced “Predators”, and “Grindhouse” spin-off ‘Machete” are set to lens there), and with the success of the previous “Spy Kids” films, it seems like a financially-sound idea. It’s hard to think of a reason why this wouldn’t be on the cards.

Would Rodriguez direct this one, or will he simply produce? And are Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara too old to play the titular mini-spies again? Could they possibly do a prequel (featuring on the adventures of a young Banderas & Gugino – obviously, with new actors)? I don’t have the answers – but someone’s sure to.