El Dorado [DVD]


By Ashley Hillard

Robert Mitchum and The Duke pair up in this film, directed by Howard Hawks, about an alcoholic sheriff and his friend that comes to town to lend him a hand. The Mellomen add a great traditional Western song to the soundtrack over the opening credits, setting the tone for the film. The film itself doesn’t really cover new ground, but because of the personalities of the cast, it is an entertaining film.

Wayne plays his usual tough guy character, complimenting Mitchum’s humorous drunk sheriff character. The action and humor make this a fun Western to watch, a bit on the fluffy side. Mitchum makes a must see for Western fans, with his portrayal of the sheriff that has a bit of a drinking problem and that knows how to have some fun. The fight scenes are fun but confusing, adding to the comedic element of the film, with Wayne and Mitchum pitted against bar room’s full of angry cowboys.

Maybe not a must see, the film is worth seeing for Mitchum’s scenes.


A nice assortment of extras here – commentary by Filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich Commentary by Critic and Film Historian Richard Schickel, featuring Ed Asner and Author Todd McCarthy, several featurettes, trailer, gallery and more. I like it!