Exclusive : Producer on Teratoma


As you may have read, Neo Art & Logic (“Pulse”, “Feast”, the upcoming “Condition Dead 3D”) is developing “Teratoma”, a new frightfest that Ryûhei Kitamura (“Midnight Meat Train”) is attached to direct.

Producer Joel Soisson tells Moviehole, “I hatched the idea about a year and a half ago after watching a number of news reports about these strange tumors called teratoma popping up in people all over the world. They are essentially masses of rapidly multiplying cells that for some unknown reason begin to differentiate into different anatomical tissues. You can find hair, teeth, eyes, even primitive nervous systems in these things. It’s really creepy. A kind of spontaneously-generated alien life that can exist inside us our entire lives. One kid had a hand growing inside his brain. Another woman was sporting a 220 pound whopper of a teratoma”.

“I always knew this had to be a Cronenberg type movie”, continues Soisson. “After hearing a pitch from writers Jim Agnew and Sean Keller who had just finished writing Argento’s “Giallo” our head of development Aaron Ockman and I felt we had our story. These guys rocked it. Our resident horror guru Gary Tunnicliffe came in and did some expert polishing on it – as if it wasn’t already horrific enough – and then it caught the eye of producer Jeremy Wall. Jeremy kicked the project=2 0into high gear by attaching the awesome Ryuhei Kitamura and now we’re good to go with a partnership between our two companies JAZ Films and Neo Art & Logic. For us at Neo, it continues our long and storied career nurturing twisted minds.”

Soisson, also currently working on the zombie actioner “Condition Dead” with director Patrick Lussier, says “Teratoma is going to be a psychological horror film where all the psychological shit turns real. Total nightmare fodder as you can imagine. Everybody’s gonna be checking their bodies in the mirror after this one.”