Exclusive : Seagal IS considering Machete


Update! : A couple of weeks ago we contacted Steven Seagal’s reps to see if there was any truth to the rumours that the pony-tailed action-man had been asked to be part of Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete” movie. You can read the original story below, but in short, they said it wasn’t true – he hadn’t discussed such a project. Funny how things can dramatically change in a couple of weeks.. Seagal’s reps contacted us again tonight to let us know that there’s been a change… the actor may indeed be doing the movie. Depending on the “conditions”, it should work out. Could this be the big comeback Seagal has been waiting for?!

Here’s the Original Story…

Rumours surfaced over the weekend that, in addition to Robert De Niro, Michelle Rodriguez & Jonah Hill, Steven Seagal might also be a part of Robert Rodriguez’s soon-to-lens “Machete” pic.

As fun as it would’ve been to have seen Casey Ryback trade blows with canon-armed Mexican Danny Trejo, it’s not going to happen… or so say Seagal’s peeps.

Moviehole spoke to Seagal’s reps on Friday who put a damper on the fun whisper, claiming Seagal has not been contacted about the film. Now that doesn’t mean he isn’t involved (hell, everyone could just be keeping quiet — it’s happened before) nor does it mean Rodriguez isn’t looking to get Seagal in it, but as of this weekend, Seagal’s reps say it’s not true.

Hopefully we will have some official news on the flick soon – and should, being that it’s only a couple of weeks away from filming!