Ghost Rider Vs. Green Hornet!


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Nicolas Cage must sure love him some tights…

The actor looks set to return to the superhero genre for director Michael Gondry’s “The Green Hornet”. Cage, up for the role of the gangster villain in the action/comedy, had previously been involved in comic-book flicks “Superman Lives” (which died about a week into production – but still long enough for Cage to get comfortable in the ‘black’ ‘capeless’ Superman outfit) and “Ghost Rider”. He’s also said to be attached to star in some kind of a “Ghost Rider” follow-up.

Meanwhile, Variety has confirmed rumours that Cameron Diaz is up for the film’s love interest. She’d play a reporter who falls for Seth Rogen’s crime-fighter.

The flick, which recently lost Stephen Chow (He was to play Kato; the role is currently being recast), is set to lens in the Fall.