Comic Con : Secret Screening Revealed!


There are always a couple of films shown at Comic-Con that aren’t advertised. Sometimes they’re absolute pieces of shit that aren’t worth the wild goose chase to gain admittance, but most of the time, the studios will preview an absolute gem.

Collider has discovered that the Wachowski brother’s highly-anticipated chop-suey actioner “Ninja Assassin” will likely be screening – albeit very quietly – on Thursday evening. And like a few films I’ve secretly previewed at Comic-Con in the past, sounds like this could be a goodie. Why? It’s open to the public, that means the studio must be pretty confident in the flick.

Says Frosty, “What you need to do is go to the Warner Brothers booth on Thursday as they’re going to be giving away a limited amount of tickets. Then you’ll need to get to the theater early as it’s going to be first come first served. Meaning, even if you get tickets at the booth, you’re going to want to be at the theater early as they’re giving away more tickets than seats. It’s how they make sure the theater is full.’’

Directed by James McTiegue, and produced by the Wachowski’s, “Ninja Assassin” tells of a young ninja who turns his back on orphanage that raised him, leading to a confrontation with a fellow ninja from the clan. Rain, Rick Yune and Naomie Harris star.

Warner Bros are also hosting a screening of “Orphan” on the Wednesday night.