Graham on Gilmore Girls movie


Moviehole spoke to actress Lauren Graham, forever remembered for her role as Lorelai Victoria Gilmore II on the beloved CW dramedy “Gilmore Girls”, who told us that, unlike the fans, she doesn’t feel there’s really a place for a film version of the hit show.

”You know, I think the only reason that people ask this question is because of the Sex and the City movie, which was such a good movie, and such a success, and took some characters people loved and gave a chance to see them again. But before that, I don’t know that we would have even thought of that as an option”, says Graham, now appearing in the acclaimed “The Answer Man”. ”And to me, you know, a series ends because it’s time for it to end. So—you know, I’m not sure what story is left to be told. What’s really funny is, no one actually involved with the production of that show has ever brought it up. It is only an internet rumour, and like, I think, a hope of some of the fans, that that would happen. So it’s so hypothetical that it’s like, an impossible question to answer. I’m sure – there’s nothing I would dismiss out of hand in the world of being an actor, you know? And definitely I feel great love for that show. But – I don’t know. It’s just so impossible to answer, because the only people who have really asked this question made it up on the Internet”.

A tear runs down Michael Ausiello’s cheek.